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Holy Roar


Rolo Tomassi "Eternal Youth"


Containing everything Rolo Tomassi have recorded (asides from their two albums to date -'Cosmology' and 'Hysterics') as well as acoustic tracks, remixes and covers this really is a beast to be reckoned with.

Covering everything from the first, home-recorded, demo, to the tape Ep that first showed what this band were capable of, right through to ambitious prog tracks from 2010, this really is a treasure trove that contains some of the bands best work."

Track Listing: 
01. Mount Celestia
02. Titanomachia
03. Pillfox
04. The Golden Ghost
05. Jealous Bones
06. Apocalypso 2009
07. Digital History
08. Beatrotter
09. Film Noir
10. Curby
11. Cirque du Funk
12. Prelude
13. Seagull
14. ...And Then The Mannequin Spoke
15. C is for Calculus
16. Fuck the Pleasantries Lets Rock
17. Apocalypso (Original)
18. Rock the Pleasantries Lets Fuck
19. Codes Within Codes
20. From Ambience to Ambulance
21. Hiroshima 8-16 am
22. A Cosmic Accident
23. Breathing Through a City
24. The Tentatively Titled -Film Noir-
25. ...And Then The Mannequin Spoke (Original)
26. Headclouds-Regin of Low (Throats Cover)
27. Oh Hello Ghost (Acoustic)
28. Nine (Acoustic)
29. I Love Turbulence (Three Trapped Tigers Remix)
30. Abraxas (Cereal Remix)
31. Fuck the Pleasantries Lets Remix (-( Remix)
32. C is for Drowning Under Waves of Listless Apathy (Ornine Remix)
33. Beatrotter (Please Will Remix)
34. Tongue in Chic (Team Wold Remix)
35. Fofteen (Dolby Anol Gets Dark Remix)
36. I Love Turbulence (Rich Manu Reworking)