Cave In "White Silence" - Deathwish Inc

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Cave In "White Silence"


Cave In's first full length in more than half a decade speaks to us in ways we're still processing. Were there not deadlines to meet, and onesheets to submit, we would be taking a bit more time to reflect further on why we find this album, and this band, so important to us. Had you told us in 1997 that we'd be here, in Spring 2011, prepping a new Cave In album, we very likely wouldn't have registered the sort of impact that fact might have on our lives. Now, a decade and a half since we began working together, we find ourselves humbled and emotional while reflecting on the depth of meaning we find in our relationship. As friends, and as business partners, we've seen each other grow and stumble with an ebb and flow that feels every bit as powerful as this album we hold in our hands. The sentiment we feel while listening to White Silence is every bit an indicator of the bond we're grateful to have with old friends who happen to collectively bust out some of our favorite jams time and time again.

Track Listing: 
01. White Silence
02. Serpents
03. Sing My Loves
04. Vicious Circles
05. Centered
06. Summit Fever
07. Heartbreaks, Earthquakes
08. Iron Decibels
09. Reanimation