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Ghost Spirit & Frail Hands "Split"


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Los Angeles screamo outfit Ghost Spirit and Halifax, Nova Scotia’s Frail Hands come together for their sophomore releases on this passionate split 12” LP. Each band brings their own spin of revived DIY screamo to the table showing homage to bands like Portraits of Past, Loma Prieta, Orchid, and La Quiete. Clocking in at over 25 minutes, each side of this split truly stands on its own. This isn’t your typical 2 songs each split EP, it’s a well rounded set of full-length records by two of the the most exciting new bands in the genre.

Track Listing: 
01. Ghost Spirit - Sick Dreams
02. Ghost Spirit - The Guilt Of Your Affection
03. Ghost Spirit - A Hollow Peak
04. Ghost Spirit - Dark Winter
05. Ghost Spirit - Skull
06. Ghost Spirit - In Parting
07. Frail Hands - The Image Of You
08. Frail Hands - Mortar And Pestle
09. Frail Hands - Collateral
10. Frail Hands - Atonement
11. Frail Hands - In Conclusion
12. Frail Hands - Every Volatile Thing

First Press:

100 x Black
200 x Transparent Blood Red inside of Milky Clear