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Equal Vision


108 "Creation. Sustenance. Destruction"

As the summer of 2006 heats up, Equal Vision Records is proud to announce the release of a stunning discography that culls emotionally eviscerating "Songs Of Separation", to the group's unforgettably searing epic "Threefold Misery", along with its chaotic final EP, "Curse Of Instinct". In addition an unreleased gem known as "Panic" will also grace the release. Recently remastered by Tom Hutten at Bionic Mastering, the 108 discography is a moving testament to an era of hardcore that was brimming with passion, intensity and spirit the likes of which have yet to be duplicated.


Track Listing:


Threefold Misery
01. Invocation
02. Blood
03. Killer Of The Soul
04. Scandal
05. Being Or Body
06. When Death Closes Your Eyes
07. Mantra Six
08. Arctic
09. Serve And Defy

Curse Of Instinct E.P.
10. Curse Of Instinct
11. Pyro Stoke

Previously Unreleased
12. Panic

Songs Of Separation
01. Opposition
02. Deathbed
03. Noonenomore
04. Son Of Nanda
05. Woman
06. Shun The Mask
07. Thorn
08. Solitary
09. I Am Not
10. Weapon
11. Govinda - Viahena
12. Hostage: I
13. Request Denied
14. Pale

15. Holyname
16. Grow
17. Hopeless
18. Gopinatha
19. 10.8
20. Thirst
21. Slave
22. Liar
23. Idefy
24. Tulsai's Song