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Advanced Perspective


Diztort "Demo"


Of all the disaffected psychos in the arid state of California, of all the sludge-caked riffs and hostile utterances one might dare to imagine, the world must now reckon with these, the ungodly constituents of Diztort. What amounts to a shriek of pure abjection emanating from the San Joaquin Valley hinterland, Diztort's 2017 demo is certain to mortify anyone living a glibly comfortable existence in a coastal metropolis. This is the wretched sound of geographical and existential isolation. When you find yourself suddenly engulfed in the inferno, how will you react? Cover art by the incomparable Gil Sayfan.

Track Listing: 
01. Death Coincides... 
02. Reality 
03. Deceit 
04. The Fate