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Fucked Up "Hidden World"


Hidden World, FUCKED UP's first full-length release, was recorded at Signal to Noise Studios with Jon Drew (Brutal Knights, Career Suicide). The album marks a turning point for FUCKED UP, transcending the boundaries of traditional hardcore with melody, aggression and expansive songwriting structures. FUCKED UP taps into its collective influences, but in a challenging way that's off the beaten path of current hardcore traditions. In a word, FUCKED UP and Hidden World are dangerous in a time when hardcore has become predictable, stale and manufactured.

Track Listing:
01. Crusades
02. David Comes To Life
03. Invisible Leader
04. Carried Out To The Sea
05. Baiting The Public
06. Fate Of Fates
07. The Two Snakes
08. Hidden World
09. Manqueller Man
10. Blaze Of Glory
11. Triumph Of Life
12. Jacobs Ladder
13. Vivian Girls

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