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Dead Souls


Iron Mind "Hell Split Wide Open"

Since forming in 2006, IRON MIND have done their own thing their own way. Playing late 80's early 90's influenced hardcore with heavy riffs, strong groove and NYHC flavor done right, live they can't be beat. After releasing THE SUN HAS SET EP in 2009 on Suppression records, the band took it up a level with their sold-out debut full length "Hell Split Wide Open" on Dead Souls Records. Ten tracks of fast and furious hardcore hailed by many as the Australian hardcore release of 2011 the band took it to the stage with nation wide headline tours and supporting tours with Terror and Expire in 2012.

Track Listing: 
01. Look Into My Eye
02. Hard Rain
03. Guilt
04. Nail Becomes The Hammer
05. Hounded
06. Steel Trap
07. The Calm And The Storm
08. No More Pain
09. Lions Den
10. Still No Light (The Iron Mind Pt II)

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