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Permanent Sleep


Dan Darrah "What Else We Could Be Doing"

5 x 8
66 pages
14 pt natural cover stock
Velvet finish
Perfect bound

Layout by Scott Wade
Cover illustration by August Beetschen

"I don't recall where I was when I got the call or even who I spoke to but I remember the way the road and field blurred together and the reflection of the light dancing on the water as the bus sped down the highway and an uneasy sense of urgency. I can't remember what was said or who else was in the room, I don't remember the doctors or nurses coming and going, I don't even remember what I said to try and reassure her. All I remember is the pattern the shadows made on the floor from the blinds and being somewhere else. I remember reading Brautigan. All the details about the reason I was there and the reality that my grandma may not be waking up from the medical induced comma she was in was so distant and far away from the trivial details that my mind focused on. 'What else we could be doing' is a collection of unspoken universal truths that connect suburban youth and trace the nights spent growing up in legion halls and parking lots under the stars. It focuses on the details we occupy ourselves with during the defining moments of youth. 'What else we could be doing' is a sincere and honest look at the secrets we tell ourselves to make everything ok." -Matthew Finner
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