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Constellatia "The Language Of Limbs"


Hailing from Cape Town, South Africa, Constellatia; the collaborative vision of Gideon Lamprecht and Keenan Oakes, founders of well-known acts Crow Black Sky and Wildernessking, have announced the release of their very own debut record, The Language of Limbs, coming on November the 15th via Isolation Records.

The Language of Limbs is essentially a post-metal record with black metal and progressive influences, and a healthy dose of ambience and atmosphere; always deeply engaging with a flair for the romantic and nostalgic. "It is a record that came from a place of desperation; a musical outlet for the years of hardship both members endured in their personal lives." Gideon Lamprecht comments. "It’s an album about obsession and overcoming. It's a triumphant record" adds Keenan Oakes.

Formed in September 2018 in Cape Town, and enlisting the talents of a few key collaborators, Constellatia soon completed work on their first LP; the beautiful and emotional ride that is The Language of Limbs. The album features additional and high class guest vocalists, namely Alison Rachel of Honeymoan and renowned singer/songwriter Lucy Kruger, and will be an absolute Must-Have for fans of Cult of Luna, Opeth, Pink Floyd or Wolves in the Throne Room. With a pre-sale to start soon, look out for more news and the first piece of music by Cape Town's Constellatia to follow in the days ahead!

Track Listing: 
01. All Nights Belong To You
02. In Acclamation
03. Empyrean
04. The Garden