Come To Grief / Fistula "Split" - Deathwish Inc

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Come To Grief / Fistula "Split"

Writes Chris Luedtke of Metal Injection upon an advance listen of both splits, “Years ago I read someone calling COME TO GRIEF the ‘slowest band on Earth.’ I don’t know about slowest, but one of the heaviest is damn certain. The track is plenty slow…. The song is heavy without relying on rumbling, distorted bass. It’s the kind of thing that just keeps your head moving. It’s miserable. On the B-side, FISTULA offer up ‘Contusion,’ and you know it’s really fitting because the pace and guitar melody sound like they’re misery sparring with COME TO GRIEF… At its fastest, it sounds like FISTULA is on the hunt. At its slowest, it’s like walking down a gray, expansive hallway with no end in sight.

Track Listing: 
01. Come To Grief - Take Me In My Sleep 
02. Fistula - Contusion