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Bastions "Bedfellows Pt II"


"Even a casual fan should credit Bastions for the path they have taken over their career. Releasing two thematically linked eps (that can be housed together in the packaging accompanying this release) – this is a band allowing themselves expression both musically and artistically without limitation.

A bold claim perhaps – but one based upon logical, modern thought. Freed from the pressure of delivering an album, Bastions have dredged everything from slo-mo scando-core to almost Cursed-esque piques of auditory violence. The concept has also allowed the band to live and breathe a story and concept in a way that a single snapshot of time (aka ‘an album’) would not allow. Clever, without being smug."

Track Listing: 
01. Empty Vessel
02. Foreign Bodies
03. Mother’s Ruin
04. The Water Tower
05. Murmuring