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Angel Du$t "Brand New Soul"


"Brand New Soul" marks a new chapter for Angel Dust, one that channels vocalist Justice Tripp's vision more directly than ever before. For nearly two decades, the musician has consistently been ahead of the curve: first with Trapped Under Ice, where he led the way for a new wave of heavy hardcore, and then as the mastermind behind Angel Dust, where he blazed the trail for the current generation of hardcore musicians to branch out into unabashedly catchy territory. The record is a fearless and open-hearted tribute to all things rock, offering listeners a chance to be right there with Angel Dust on the cutting edge.

Track Listing:
01. Brand New Soul
02. Love Slam
03. Don't Stop
04. Racecar
05. Space Jam
06. Born 2 Run
07. Muck Motors
08. Very Aggressive
09. Sippin Lysol
10. I'm Not Ready
11. Fuel For The Fire
12. Waste Of Space
13. In The Tape Deck