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Permanent Sleep


Alexis Marshall "A Sea Above the Pains of Our Youth"

Alexis has played music in bands such as As the Sun Sets, Fucking Invincible and Daughters for the past 20 years. His influential and unique lyrics as well as his often antagonistic stage presence has created a veil of cult status amongst both diehard fans and casual bystanders caught in the maelstrom. 'A Sea Above the Pains of Our Youth' is his first published work collecting over 75 poems. Alexis' writing is deeply personal, clever, honest and at times both profoundly sad and heartwarming.

"As a fan of his previous work in other mediums I was really excited to see that he was writing unaccompanied by music. This collection strikes different chords... Tense vulnerability and anxiety juxtaposed against raw love. Emotion lashes at you from the page and grabs you by the throat. Connection is inevitable."
-Dylan Walker (Full of Hell)

First Edition
6 x 9
90 pages
Perfect bound
Gloss finish