The Winter Passing "A Different Space Of Mind" - Deathwish Inc

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The Winter Passing "A Different Space Of Mind"


Formed in 2012, The Winter Passing stemmed from the vital Irish DIY scene. The band has spent the past three years touring the UK and Ireland multiple times and releasing a handful of 7"s on various labels. At the heart of the group is brother and sister pair Rob and Kate Flynn, who have been playing music together since they were 14 and 12, respectively. Growing up together, the two shared a love of bands such as The Get Up Kids, The Anniversary, The Replacements, and Sonic Youth, the influences of which are strongly suggested in their songs. "'A Different Space of Mind' is a record about survival, about saving yourself from yourself and the realization of the world around you," explains Rob of the album. It was recorded with Bob Cooper (Nai Harvest) in Manchester, England and with Aiden Cunningham in Tullymore, Ireland, who also mixed and mastered "A Different Space of Mind."

Track Listing: 
01. The Fever
02. Penny Chains
03. Flowerpot
04. Nowhere Still
05. Creak
06. Daisy
07. Grazed Knees
08. Fruits of Gloom
09. Bottle Green
10. A Different Space of Mind