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UnWed "Raise The Kids"


Although their members have made names for themselves for nearly 20 years in other musical endeavors, UnWed reaches far beyond anything in their combined history. Instead, the band bring their punk and indie roots to the table, amalgamating these influences with more traditionally heavy rock elements to create their unique sound. Add to the mix vocals provided by their powerful female singer and the overall result is undeniably interesting.

Following the release of their debut EP via No Idea Records, UnWed set out to write and record their first proper full length. The quintet teamed with an accomplished group of engineers, including Paul Leavitt, Ryan Jones, Brian McTernan, Will Beasley, and Travis Bacon, each with considerable resumes of their own. The end result, entitled "Raise The Kids," captures a band bridging the gaps between hard rock, anthemic punk, and alternative with splendid precision.

Track Listing:
01. You'll Burn
02. Derelict Monroe
03. Raise the Kids
04. The Innocent
05. New Skin
06. Weapons
07. Girl Drink Drunk
08. Desert Gold
09. PepsiCo
10. Slow Crime