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Shadow Age "Silaluk"


Shadow Age have emerged from Richmond, Virginia, playing cold, darkly melodic post-punk, and offering an astoundingly cohesive debut EP that owes more to the sounds of ManchesterÍs industrial sprawl than RichmondÍs southern charms.

While Shadow Age are certainly indebted to the UK post-punk classics, the band's debut release originates from an even more unlikely place than where they call home. While spending a harsh winter working on a fishing boat in Alaska, singer/guitarst Aaron Tyree was injured. He then spent four harrowing days waiting out an ice storm so that he could be flown out of Dutch Harbor for medial attention. During this time Tyree wrote the title track of Shadow Age's debut EP, "Silaluk."

Taking it's name from the Inuit word for storm, "Silaluk" is three uncompromisingly dark tracks that swallow the listener in shimmering guitars, pulsating synths, and haunting vocals. Tyree's affecting voice paints a desperate picture that is perfectly layered amongst the sheets of reverb and angular guitar lines. Shadow Age offer more than just intense atmosphere, though. The band is adept at crafting a hook and despite the EP's brooding tone, some of the driving beats found on "Silaluk" are arguably danceable. With disparate influences converge with stunning cohesion, "Silaluk" is an impressive debut that hints at Shadow AgeÍs potential.

Track Listing: 
01. Silaluk
02. A Portrait of a Young Man Drowning
03. Innocence