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Culture Abuse "The Day Dreams Of Nothing"


Culture Abuse are a wild pack of animals that have been stirring things up along the West Coast since Fall 2013. Their amalgamation of hardcore / punk into an almost psychedelic rock sound is unlike anything ever heard before, feeling both vitally important and on the brink of disaster all at once. Following the digital release of their debut EP, "The Day Dreams of Nothing," 6131 Records quickly jumped at the chance to work with this incredible band and put plans into motion for a vinyl release of the EP. The band also recorded three new songs, showcasing their ever-evolving songwriting, one of which has been included on this release as a bonus track ("Good Thing"). The remaining tracks from this session will surface in early 2015 as a two-song single

Track Listing: 
01. Happy Ending
02. Take It Out On Yourself
03. My Only Sunshine
04. Clean Skin
05. Sing to Me
06. Wet Lashes
07. Good Thing