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Handsome "Self Titled"

It's with an unbelievable amount of excitement that 6131 Records is releasing the long out-of-print and often overlooked self-titled album by HANDSOME, originally released by Epic Records in 1997 only on CD. This monolith of a full-length never quite made the lasting impression of some of the membersÍ other projects, yet has stood the test of time„proving itÍs deserving of such acclaim.

Never before available on vinyl, 6131 Records will be releasing the long overdue LP version of this classic album by HANDSOME on September 17th.

For those previously unfamiliar with the group (some might even say "supergroup") the members of HANDSOME were: Jeremy Chatelain (JETS TO BRAZIL, ICEBURN, CUB COUNTRY), Tom Capone (QUICKSAND, BOLD, BEYOND), Peter Mengede (HELMET), Pete Hines (CRO-MAGS, MURPHYÍS LAW), and Eddie Nappi (MARK LANEGAN BAND).

Track Listing: 
01. Needles
02. Ride Down
03. Going to Panic
04. Left of Heaven
05. Thrown Away
06. Dim the Lights
07. Lead Bellied
08. My Mind's Eye
09. Waiting
10. Quiet Liar
11. Eden Complex
12. Swimming

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