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Ivy League TX "Transparency"


ItÍs often said that where people live can deeply impact their creative endeavors and nothing could be truer about Midland, TexasÍs IVY LEAGUE TX. The isolated, tight-knit scene theyÍve helped to foster has become an oasis of sorts for both residents and touring bands alike. And something about the music IVY LEAGUE TX writes just feels like it captures the balance of loneliness and camaraderie places like Midland breed.

For their first proper full-length, the boys ventured to Southern California to work with Paul Miner (NEW FOUND GLORY, MAN OVERBOARD, H2O) and created Transparency, a heartfelt punk rock album that is both tender and intense. The album, being released by 6131 Records, marks the beginning of the next chapter for IVY LEAGUE TX.

Track Listing: 
01. Canopy
02. History Repeats
03. Void
04. Transparency
05. Coalesce
06. Egress
07. Losing Sleep
08. Watch You Suffer
09. Daily Pt. 2
10. All My Skeletons
11. My Mercenary