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Relentless "Turn The Curse"


Australia has long been one of the most underrated yet prolific hardcore scenes in the world. Among the new wave of noteworthy bands emerging from the island continent is SydneyÍs RELENTLESS.

Since forming in 2006, RELENTLESS have grown in notoriety across Australia, New Zealand, and into nearby Southeast Asia, touring throughout all in recent years including supporting TRAPPED UNER ICE on their 2012 Australian tour. Their infectious and groovy take on the modern hardcore sound has continually set them apart from the pack, eventually garnering the attention of TERRORÍs Nick Jett, who signed on to produce their sophomore album.

In late 2012, RELENTLESS entered the studio with Jett at the helm, crafting their newest effort, Turn The Curse. Demonstrating their prowess better than ever before, this new album packs great, catchy hardcore into twelve blazing tracks. In fact, Turn The Curse is one of those rare full-lengths that begs the listener to hit play again the second it ends.

6131 Records are excited to be releasing RELENTLESS Turn The Curse in North America on January 29th. The band already has plans for tours in 2013 throughout Australia and Asia, with the likelihood of tours in North America and Europe later in the year as well. Turn The Curse is an album not to be missed, as it will undoubtedly set a new high point in Australian hardcore.

Track Listing: 
01. With A Voice
02. DonÍt Wait For Death
03. World I Despise
04. All We Know
05. What IÍve Become
06. True Colours
07. Rise
08. Undefeated
09. Wasting Away
10. Justice For None
11. Turn The Curse
12. Brotherhood