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Wreck "Nervous Wreck"


For over two decades, the Pacific Northwest has been known for churning out some of the most innovative heavy music ever heard. With every new generation of bands from the area a unique combination of rock and metal influences creep in, helping each band craft a sound that feels fresh and distinct, often defying classification.

Tacoma, Washington's WRECK are just one of these bands, bringing together a taste for much of what made the ï90s such a potent time for music, while putting a contemporary hardcore spin on the whole thing. Despite forming only a few years ago, WRECK quickly became a regional favorite, eventually teaming with Seattle-based label Mind Melt Enterprises to release their debut Reap What You Sow EP in mid-2011. The band then garnered the attention of Los Angeles, CA's 6131 Records, and went to work writing their follow-up release.

Enter Nervous Wreck, the four-track sophomore offering from WRECK that sees the band taking their creative style to new heights. Of the four songs on the EP, all seem to tap a different place amongst the catalog of the bandÍs influences, while continually proving their musical dexterity and artistry. The only downfall is the EP's abbreviated length... itÍs the sort of release that leaves you begging for more!

Track Listing: 
01. Burn Out
02. Nervous Wreck
03. Searching My Roots
04. Vice