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Twelve Gauge


Sabertooth Zombie "Midnight Venom"


Damaged copies include records with a dinged corner or split jacket/inner sleeve. Records play fine but the packaging will have some sort of damage to it. Damaged copies are non-returnable for aesthetic reasons.

- This is a charity release! All proceeds go to charities that support Black Lives Matter causes across the world. The record is priced this way to allow us to donate approx. $7 per record to charity.
- This is an as-is pressing of the original masters/artwork but without the original hidden track.

This is the long-awaited vinyl pressing of Sabertooth Zombie's Midnight Venom, a hardcore staple that sets the tone for pushing back against authority and the very same systems of oppression that we're fighting against today. It was never meant to be pressed to vinyl but is being done in order to raise money for the fight for black and brown liberation.

Pressing info:
100 x Black
200 x Clear
200 x Red / Orange Mix

Black lives matter.

01. D.O.A.
02. Shoes
03. Decayed Decade
04. Flee Creep And Cheat
05. Automatic Minds
06. Fragments
07. The Gallows
08. Black Of Mouth
09. Interlude
10. Rotten
11. I'm Fucking Disgusted
12. Self Mouth
13. Seven Swords
14.Get Bent
15. Live In Hell, Rot In Dirt
16. Lady Death
17. Giant
18. Rat Bones