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Heavy Heavy Low Low "Courtside Seats"


Young, dumb and full of fun.. Courtside Seats was recorded in a studio situated in the corner of a large warehouse in Mountain View, California by local hip hop producer Deegan Adams. The sophomore (and admittedly sophomoric) release by Heavy Heavy Low Low was originally only pressed on a limited and long out of print CD. October 25th 2019 will see the first ever vinyl pressing of the record almost 15 years since its original release.

Pressed with new artwork done by vocalist Robbie Smith.

Note: This album is an as is vinyl pressing of the original audio masters.

Pressing info:
100 - Glow In The Dark Green
200 - Clear

Track Listing: 
01. Pizza Party
02. Inhalant Abuse Is Illegal And Can Be Fatal
03. There's A Bat
04. Do You Like Guns? Want To See My Passport?
05. Kids Kids Kids
06. You Killed The Bee, But You Broke The Light You Asshole
07. Very Dramatic
08. Saran Wrap Love Affair
09. Vaginal Blood And Construction Paper Cigarettes
10. Untitled
11. Untitled