Arab On Radar "Queen Hygiene II / Rough Day At The Orifice" - Deathwish Inc

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Three One G


Arab On Radar "Queen Hygiene II / Rough Day At The Orifice"


Once again, Three One G got themselves mixed up with those disturbed and distraught human beings from Providence, RI: ARAB ON RADAR. What did they come up with…? One compact disc including the first two full-length records ARAB ON RADAR ever created. Queen Hygiene II was originally released in the summer of 1997 by Heparin Records. Rough Day At The Orifice was originally released in February 1999 by Op Pop Pop records and was recorded by the fabulous Weasel Walter. Band members moved on to participating in such acts as Chinese Stars, Made In Mexico, Athletic Automaton and Doomsday Student.

Track Listing:
01. Attack On Tijuana
02. A Kidney Problem
03. Cop Song
04. St. Patrick’s Gay Parade
05. The Molar System
06. Captain Mouth
07. 99c Lipstick
08. Human (type 2)
09. Rubber Boot
10. Split Lip
11. Herpes Simplex I
12. Menstruating Thrills
13. Herpes Simplex II
14. His Maintenance
15. Biggest Little Prick In The Union
16. Spit Shine My Asshole
17. Red Panties At Night...Sailors Delight