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Smart Dads "Bummer Summer"

In our humble opinion, San Antonio, Texas’ the Smart Dads are the embodiment of lo-fi cassette punk at its finest. This LP contains the only recorded output by this short-lived group of military school misfits, who self-released a 7-track cassette in 1982 with an obnoxious 7”-sized insert, inconveniently housed in an oversized zip-lock bag with a badge clipped to the front. The title track — or any of the other 6 tracks, for that matter — would have found the perfect home on Bloodstains Across Texas or any of the Killed By Death volumes, had it made it to vinyl during the band’s original tenure. This record is a testament to what we at Radio Raheem HQ love — 100% junk, full-on punk, completely sincere, and scarcely heard.

One time pressing of 300 copies complete with 12-page, full-color booklet and screen printed vinyl B-side.

Track Listing: 
01. Bummer Summer
02. Barking Dogs
03. Tow Truck
04. Aloha Boys
05. Here Comes My Ride
06. Eh Daddyo
07. On The Rag