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Blacktask "Blacktask / Spikes To The Wall"

"They say you never forget your first fuck. For me, the sex was the foreplay preceding the destruction. To shit out another metaphor, using the sex, drugs, and rocknroll cliché, what I’m talking about was weed, was the gateway drug. What I’m talking about here is Black Task’s eponymous 12". It opened up a subterranean world of rare pleasures and pain: shit-fi metal. For me and my droogs, metal had meant even stupider haircuts than our own, high-top Reeboks, and, worst of all, commercial ambitions. Well, Black Task changed all of that. Or none of it, really. But there was something about this elusive 4-track record (two sleeve variations to confound us collectors, natch). It was simple, it was rough, it was raw, it was dumb. Short songs, long hair. What could be better, right? That metallists seemed to take Black Task as a joke meant that the record, though rare, could be obtained fairly cheaply. (Their later LP is a joke, a priceless one.) That was well over a decade ago. Now, of course, rich kids raised online don’t know that punks and ‘bangers are supposed to hate each other, and their shitty taste in music is the proof. These idiots actually enjoy obscurities like Black Task. Or at least their Paypal accounts suggest they do. For the rest of us, there is finally a legit reissue. This slab should’ve been bootlegged in Europe years ago, but not all goes according to Satan’s plans. Hell, sometimes you end up as a New York punk rocker listening to early 80s thrash metal from Philadelphia. Fuck off." — Stuart Schrader

This limited edition LP contains Blacktask's ultra rare eponymous 12" ep from 1985, backed with their 1984 Spikes To The Wall demo tape, 9 songs total. Includes a repro of the original lyric sheet and a 12x24" poster collecting various original write ups, reviews and rare photos. 500 made on black vinyl.

Track Listing: 
01. Sex and Destruction
02. Kill Your Enemies
03. Firestorm
04. Smash Your Face
05. Satan's Mother
06. Spikes to the Wall
07. Harbinger of Death
08. Bite the Bitch
09. Warriors of Hell