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END "Splinters From An Ever-Changing Face" Closed Casket Activities from $11.99
END / Cult Leader "Gather & Mourn" - Pre-order Closed Casket Activities / Deathwish Inc. from $4.99

Scowl "How Flowers Grow" Flatspot from $9.99
Zola Jesus "Arkhon" Sacred Bones $23.99

Fleshwater "We're Not Here To Be Loved" Closed Casket Activities from $9.99

Glare "Heavenly" Sunday Drive from $7.99

End It "Unpleasant Living" Flatspot from $14.99
Primitive Man "Insurmountable" Closed Casket Activities $25.00
Chastity "Suffer Summer" - Pre-order Deathwish from $7.99

M.U.T.T. “Bad to the Bone” Quiet Panic from $14.99

FAIM "FAIM" Safe Inside $17.99
Slow Crush "Hush" Quiet Panic from $14.99

Indecision "Unorthodox" - Pre-order Bitter Melody $19.99
Deadbody "The Requiem" Closed Casket Activities $24.99

Landlords "Codeine" Church Road from $8.99

Rejection Pact "Can We Wait?" - Pre-order Safe Inside $18.99
Decultivate "Pohrdat" Pushteek $21.99
Petbrick "Liminal" - Pre-order Neurot $23.99

Spark "Supernova" - Pre-order Sunday Drive $19.99
PeZ “Consumer World” Tiger $19.99