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Umbra Vitae "Shadow of Life" Deathwish from $7.99
Onelinedrawing "Tenderwild" Iodine from $9.99
Gulch "Impenetrable Cerebral Fortress" Closed Casket Activities from $20.99

Zola Jesus "Arkhon" Sacred Bones $23.99
Glare "Heavenly" Sunday Drive from $7.99
Nathan Gray & The Iron Roses "Rebel Songs" Iodine from $9.99

Chastity "Suffer Summer" Deathwish from $7.99
Primitive Man "Insurmountable" Closed Casket Activities $25.00

The Wind In The Trees “Architects Of Light” Twelve Gauge $19.99
FAIM "FAIM" Safe Inside $17.99

High Vis "No Sense No Feeling" Venn Records $29.99
Ufomammut "Fenice" Neurot from $13.99

ZOUS "No Ground To Give" Closed Casket Activities from $10.99

Graywave "Rebirth" Church Road from $8.99
Still "Faint" Sunday Drive $19.99
Landlords "Codeine" Church Road from $8.99

Passthru "What Does It Make You Feel?" Isolation $19.99