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Holy Roar




Holy Roar take great pride in announcing the reissue of MØL’s first two EP’s, accentuating the formative years of one of Denmark’s brightest lights in metal.

Where debut LP JORD fully fleshed out their shoegaze-meets-black metal formula to masterful effect, these two early releases showcase the band in a much more raw and unfiltered environment. Not to be confused as lesser-than material or relegated to subpar, I and II both simmer and boil between the ethereal and the vicious. Choice tracks such as ‘Airy’ and ‘Kathexis’ present this dichotomy in dizzying fashion, the later pulling deftly from My Bloody Valentine and Drop Nineteens just as much as Altar of Plagues or Deafheaven.

Remastered and repackaged, MØL’s ‘I’ and ‘II’ are given a new life entirely. The hybrid of black metal and shoegaze has never sounded quite as spellbinding or masterful as it does in MØL’s case.

Track Listing:
01. Sundrowned
02. Airy
03. Makhachkala
04. Kathexis
05. Atacama
06. Rush