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Minors "Atrophy"

Minors began in 2013 as a recording project, Guitarist Nick Kinnish coming from the UK having spent his prior years as a recording engineer and producer for bands like Johnny Truant, Throats, War Wolf, Gurt and Dopefight had yet to play anything near as heavy as the bands he had worked with, lead to work on a demo together with Sean Carpenter with the intent of creating something in the vein of the music Nick had spent years producing and engineering. Later that would be released on Headless Guru Records as a long since sold out tape. The band spent several years moving through periods of inactivity marred by line up changes, despite this the band still managed to contribute to a compilation on Swarm Of Nails records with bands like Sender Receiver, The Psyche Project and Art Of Burning Water. As well as a split tape (Headless Guru) with UK punks TEEF and a 3 track EP “Anno Domini” a fierce 3 track blast of frustration in 2015 which received positive critical acclaim and featured on Metal Hammer UK’s cover cd in 2015, while sharing the stage with bands like Cult Leader, Homewrecker and Norma Jean. In the fall of 2016 Minors finally found a lineup that worked, bringing together members of several local projects like Get Bent, Uncle Ray and Supressulant, with vocalist Jesse returning from a attempted career change on the other side of Canada to focus on music in his home town. The change and turmoil in each of their lives became evident in the music that they wrote over the winter and recorded at Empire studios themselves titled “Atrophy” The record focusses around themes of loss, declining health and instability that had been experienced by the group as a whole. Pushing themselves to create a catharsis that draws a line under the period leading up to where they are as a band, and people. Minors are releasing Atrophy 12" vinyl with a soon to come visual accompaniment for the record, filmed by themselves alongside local videographers that interprets the themes of each of the 7 songs.

Track Listing: 
01. Somnolence
02. Bone Pointer
03. Leper
04. Dark Clouds
05. Void
06. Miseranaut
07. Soothsayer