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Sheer Mag "First Three EPs"


Hard rock’s value as an emancipatory symbol has, of course, diminished since its 1970s heyday. But Sheer Mag’s audacity, in reclaiming an era of working-class music that nobody takes seriously anymore, is central to their appeal. Plenty of throwback rock groups, taking after Weezer, would sooner invert cock-rock chauvinism with self-deprecation or slacker charm. But throughout Compilation LP, Sheer Mag play by the riff-rock rules—power chords empower, solos blaze, and choruses rally. They identify in Thin Lizzy’s swagger an underdog spirit that can be repurposed without irony. Matched to the group’s us-vs.-them narratives, hard-rock brawn becomes a crudely effective vehicle for political urgency. -- Pitchfork

Track Listing: 
01. What You Want
02. Sit & Cry
03. Point Breeze
04. Hard Lovin’
05. Fan The Flames
06. Travelin’ On
07. Who’s Side Are You On
08. Button Up
09. Can’t Stop Fighting
10. Worth The Tears
11. Night Isn’t Bright
12. Nobody’s Baby