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Pretty Matty "Self Titled"


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Pretty Matty’s fusion of lo-fi pop and punk rock make for danceable anthems, at once euphoric and apathetic. Rooted in Matty Morand’s flourishing new writing, Pretty Matty’s debut eponymous EP was recorded in Montreal with friends Tanisha Arthur and Tasy Hudson before Morand made the move to Toronto. Now playing live with Sam Bielanski (Pony) on Bass, Lucas Horne on Drums, and Steve Sloane (Hinindar) on guitar, this project which started out as a cathartic solo venture translates into energetic live shows that really get people moving. Influences include The Breeders, (early) Green Day, Guided by Voices, Angel Dust and Tony Molina.

On March 16th, 2018, Spill Magazine Premiered Pretty Matty’s super 8 video for “Oh Well,” a collaboration with Jono Hunter. No Echo also featured “Oh Well” as song of the day on the same day. Grey Howl’s Michael Thomas wrote of the EP: “In true pop-punk fashion, the last line, ‘Can you hear me out?’ is followed by a complete cutoff of sound. No closure! Just like life.” Hanorah from Bucketlist wrote: “What [Pretty Matty] brings to the table is a softness hidden in sarcasm; a desire for closeness among empty human relationships. How very 2018.”

What started out as Morand reconciling bad friendships and good music through this EP has made for an exciting new project. He says, “Pretty Matty is my experiment in writing music that makes me feel good, inspired by bands that I love like The Breeders and Paramore. My friends Tanisha (Truster) and Tasy (Consilience) played on the EP with me and they both rock. Thank you for listening.” Pretty Matty is already growing beyond a mere experiment.

01. Another Shot
02. Broken Doorbell
03. I’m Fine
04. F+B
05. Kicked Out
06. Be A Cop
07. Do Down
08. Vacay
09. Golden Retriever
10. What You Did