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Empath "Liberating Guilt And Fear"


Unlike, say, that famous “Portlandia” sketch, there is nothing twee or saccharine about the birds you’ll hear on Philadelphia noise-rock quartet Empath’s records. Take “No Attachment,” from their new four-song cassette, Liberating Guilt and Fear. It opens with a burst of frenetic hardcore drumming. With blunt ferocity, singer, guitarist, and sometime bassist Catherine Elicson proclaims that she feels “no attachment to myself.” The clamor is briefly and beguilingly interrupted by a twisty bass melody, then dissolves entirely into a chorus of manic tweeting and chirping. These aren’t the birds that get printed on tote bags—they’re the ones a cartoon character might hear, as stars circled her head, after taking a punch to the jaw. -- Pitchfork

Track Listing: 
01. Carpet
02. The Eye
03. No Attachment
04. III