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Coherence "of alternate spaces"


Comprised of four individuals, from four different perspectives, that make up a whole: COHERENCE is based out of Oakland, Ca and from all over North America. Musically drawing influences from Spitboy, fourhundredyears, Sleepy Time Trio, Unwound, and One Last Wish, while lyrically (in English, Arabic, and Farsi) sharing stories of diaspora, assimilation, anti-colonialism, smashing white supremacy, as well as narratives of immigrant families. Made up of members of Jabber, Long Knives, My Parade, Watercolor Paintings, Drawing Water, Ten Thousand Leagues, Pills, and SOAR. All Ages. All the time.

Track Listing: 
01. No Heroes
02. Wilshire
03. November 22nd, 1988
04. Lifeclock
05. Eyes
06. Representative Body
07. September 9th, 1969
08. Rain gaze