Chrome Over Brass "Self Titled"
Format: 12"LP, Digital

In stores November 27th.
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Chrome Over Brass is the one man instrumental band of Alex Garcia-Rivera, drummer of American Nightmare (Give Up The Ghost). As a highly regarded drum technician he has helped meticulously craft memorable drum sounds on landmark releases from Converge, Coliseum, Beastmilk, and more. He has also served as touring drummer for Cold Cave, Saves The Day, Shelter, and many others. 

After years of playing in traditional multi-member bands, Alex set out to do something that was 100% of his creation and control. Chrome Over Brass takes the traditional approach to songwriting and flips it upside down. Alex Garcia-Rivera's thunderous drum-riffs serve as the epicenter of everything rather than typical guitar-riffing/melody. The end result is a proto prog-punk mix that combines a High On Fire toughness with Don Caballero-like proficiency and swagger, all propelled by an urge for late 60s / early 70s inspired artistic exploration. 

In a live setting Chrome Over Brass is an impressive sight. Alex Garcia-Rivera performs all percussion alongside his pre-recorded instrumentation, without breaks, making Chrome Over Brass a one-man experience unlike anything else out there.

A true DIY project, the debut album from Chrome Over Brass was recorded in a 100% analog process on 2 inch tape at Alex Garcia-Rivera’s own Mystic Valley Studio, a fully analog studio he built with his own hands. Each song is comprised of one complete drum performance on a simple 5 piece drum set (made by Alex himself), with no digital editing. Even guitar and bass tracks were recorded in singular takes; a true rarity in today's cut and paste music world. 

Side-A opener "Elephants Never Forget" stomps out of the gate as a phased out exercise in post-everything heavy. While "Bear Attack", "Crush On The Derbyshire", and "Here Come The Stukas" all collectively pick up the pace, introducing technical speed and simple riffing with epic results. Side-B begins with even more impressive musicality in "Black Rainbow" and "Fighting With Tooth And Nailgun". While synth drenched psychedelic jam "Moogs for Moderns" grants some moments of sonic serenity. That’s not all, "Jeeps On Safari" cleverly emerges from the haze with a hook laden bounce, leading to wild closer “One Night In St. Regis”. A hyper speed percussive blast that needs to be heard to be believed. 

Side A
Elephants Never Forget 0:00-2:27 (2:27)
Bear Attack 2:30-3:50 (1:20)
Crush On The Derbyshire 3:52-6:56 (3:04)
Here Come The Stukas 6:59-10:10 (3:11)

Side B
Black Rainbow 0:00-1:42 (1:42)
Fighting With Tooth And Nailgun 1:45-3:32 (1:47)
Moogs For Moderns 3:34-5:38 (2:04)
Jeeps On Safari 5:40-8:10 (2:30)
One Night In St. Regis 8:13-9:49 (1:36)
Loma Prieta "Self Portrait"
Format: CD, LP, Cassette, Digital

In stores October 2nd (Vinyl in November).
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Formed in 2005, Loma Prieta have been a mainstay of the Bay Area hardcore community for a decade. While Loma Prieta’s sound is difficult to describe, it is clear that they come from the tradition of creative Bay Area hardcore bands such as Mohinder, Funeral Diner, Bread and Circuits, Yaphet Kotto, and Indian Summer. Eschewing sub-genres in favor of organically writing songs that are personally fulfilling. Ultimately making each recording unique, while managing to forge a distinctive voice all their own.

"Self Portrait" is the latest album from Loma Prieta. A ten song masterwork recorded by engineer Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden Recording Studio (Deafheaven). Opener "Love" layers unorthodox melodies amid a tangle of pensive, despondent vocals. These humanly complex qualities loudly bleed into every aspect of the album. Driven by feedback drenched guitar work "Black Square", "Roadside Cross", "Net Gain", and "More Perfect" all effortlessly veer from one post everything sub-genre to the next. Leading to the beautifully skewed "Nostalgia", a song that creeps from the haze with dark harmonic leanings. "Never Remember", "Merciless", and "Rings" venture down a similar crash and bang path before closer "Satellite" takes flight. An emotional epic that delves deep into introspection before finding total sonic obliteration.
Loma Prieta "Love"
Format: 7"EP, Digital

Available July 24th.

Formed in 2005, Loma Prieta have been a mainstay of the Bay Area hardcore community for a decade. While Loma Prieta’s sound is difficult to describe, it is clear that they come from the tradition of creative Bay Area hardcore bands such as Mohinder, Funeral Diner, Bread and Circuits, Yaphet Kotto, and Indian Summer. Eschewing sub-genres in favor of organically writing songs that are personally fulfilling. Ultimately making each recording unique, while managing to forge a distinctive voice all their own.

Loma Prieta's "Love" EP features "Love" from their "Self Portrait" album, as well as the exclusive B-Side, "Trilogy 0 (Debris)". Both songs were recorded during the "Self Portrait" sessions with engineer Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden Recording Studio (Deafheaven, etc).
American Nightmare (GUTG) "Reunion Documentary"
Format: 1080p Blu-ray, HD Digital Download

In stores August 7th, 2015.
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American Nightmare (Give Up The Ghost) are one of the most important and influential hardcore/punk bands of the last two decades. The band’s volatile mix of traditional American hardcore, English influenced attitude, and Wesley Eisold’s emotional lyrical prose set a new creative standard for the worldwide hardcore community. Their sphere of influence is far reaching, serving as the bellwether to the giants of punk (AFI, New Found Glory, etc.), metal/hardcore (Hatebreed, GlassJaw, Converge, etc.), and even mainstream music (Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, etc.).

On December 29th and 31st, 2011, the last known incarnation of American Nightmare (Give Up The Ghost) reunited to play their first shows in almost eight long years. One in Boston and the other Los Angeles, these legendary shows were comprised of fanatic audiences who travelled from all over the globe. All to celebrate their intimate connection to the words and music of this highly influential band.

Years in the making, we are proud to present the official footage from these two historic hardcore shows in their entirety on 1080p BluRay and HD Digital formats. Both shows were professionally filmed and edited by Evan Henkel with additional editing by Ian McFarland (McFarland and Pecci Films). Documenting the unmatched energy and emotion that only American Nightmare (Give Up The Ghost) could emanate. Also featuring interviews with Matt Pike (Booking Agent), Chris Wrenn (Bridge 9 Records), Robby Redcheeks (Promoter), Jacob Bannon (Converge, Deathwish), George Hirsch (Blacklisted, Harm Wulf), and Jeremy Bolm (Touche Amore).
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Planes Mistaken For Stars "Mercy"
Format: CD, LP, Digital

Planes Mistaken For Stars formed in Peoria, Illinois in 1997, and relocated to Denver Colorado in 1999. From the outset, they were an artistic anomaly; carrying both a worn rust belt heart a warm midwestern soul. Collectively the band combined different kinds of musical rebellion; hardcore aggression, punk energy, and gritty rock n’ roll spirit into their own special noise. Ultimately laying the blueprint for today’s emotional punk rock resurgence.

From 1999 to 2006, Planes Mistaken For Stars released music on labels Deep Elm, Dim Mak, No Idea Records and more, before signing to Abacus/Century Media in 2006. After countless tours in those years with the likes of Converge, Against Me!, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Hot Water Music, the band flamed out and announced an amicable split in 2007. During that time members went on to play in Git Some, Bull Of Heaven, Hawks and Doves, and Wovenhand.  In 2010, Planes Mistaken For Stars reunited for The Fest in Gainesville, Florida. In 2012, the band also reunited for a successful East Coast Tour. Since then, they have been quietly and persistently working on new music, due to surface on Deathwish sometime in the future.

Deathwish is now proud to announce the reissue of “Mercy” from Planes Mistaken For Stars, their much-beloved and highly influential 2006 album. Along with newly revamped packaging, this definitive version has also been remastered from the original 1/2” tapes by Brad Boatwright at Audiosiege (Sunn O))), Modern Life Is War), sonically making it more powerful and textural than ever before. Produced by Matt Bayles (Mastodon, Cursive) “Mercy” is a beautifully dark and melodious masterwork that is affecting in ways rarely experienced. Each of its eleven songs is a haunting yet hopeful personal tale, vulnerable but vicious in tone. Genre bending and ground breaking in their ability to intimately connect with listeners from all walks of life.

Track Listing:

01: One Fucked Pony
02: Crooked Mile
03: Widow: A Love Song
04: Keep Your Teeth
05: To Spit A Sparrow
06: Never Felt Prettier
07: Killed By Killers Who Kill Each Other
08: Little Death
09: Church Date
10: Mercy
11: Penitence
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Self Defense Family "Heaven Is Earth"
Format: LP, CD, Cassette, Digital

Self Defense Family are one of the most prolific Punk bands out there today. Through countless releases and as many musical contributors (they have had more than ten active members at any given time), the collective has grown in both sound and vision.

“Heaven Is Earth” was recorded at four classic indie/punk studios by a diverse group of engineers: Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios (Mind Eraser, etc), Kurt Ballou at God City Studios (Converge, etc), Mark Millar at Sone Lab (Dinosaur Jr, etc), and Jon Low at Miner Street Recordings (Kurt Vile, etc). Each engineer leaving their own distinct audio fingerprint on the collection of songs.

Opener “In My Defense Self Me Defend” percussively wanders as warped guitars weave a pillow for Patrick Kindlon’s introspective prose.“Talia” introduces both piano and harmonica to the formula, all of it swirling and dancing around a throbbing bass line. “Ditko” exists in a similar sonic place as well, but utilizes textural guitars and subtle effects to set the pensive mood. It’s not all sad clown music though. “Prison Ring” picks things up in the middle of the album with a Mekons like urgency. While “Everybody Wants a Prize for Feeling” welcomes a whimsical stomp akin to The Fall. These reluctantly upbeat songs lead to the title track “Heaven Is Earth”. A song that descends with a delicate airiness while dealing out some of the heaviest moments of lyrical personal reflection. “Basic Skills” fills a similar space as well. A beautiful construct of a song, rich in melancholia but built on some of the most memorable melody ever from the band. Never leaving quietly, Self Defense Family then offer the closer “Dave Sim”. Kicking the door open for one last high volume, pessimistic hurrah.

Track Listing:

01. In My Defens Self Me Defend
02. Talia
03. Prison Ring
04. Ditko
05. Everybody Wants A Prize For Feeling
06. Heaven Is Earth
07. Basic Skills
08. Dave Sim

First Press:
315 - Black In White
700 - White/Silver Mix
2100 - Clear

500 - Cassette Tape
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Bitter End "Illusions of Dominance"
Format: CD, 12"LP, Cassette, Digital

"Illusions of Dominance" is the monstrous new album from Bitter End, produced by Nick Jett (Terror, Piece By Piece). Thematically the album takes on the subject of mankind’s fragility in the face of nature’s overwhelming and unescapable power.

Opening crossover anthem "Power and Control" sets the tone with the potent lyrical statement "...Hammer coming down with overwhelming force, we’re on a collision course. Power and control, illusions of power and control..." From there Bitter End's dust storm simply never lets up. Introspection and anger blankets everything in "Truth, Lies, Fear", "Realm of Despair", "Long Time Gone", "The Crushing Madness", and "Conversations with Death". Each one, writhing and clawing with thrash precision and hardcore aggression. It’s not all speed and violence though; songs "Sting of Betrayal", "Pleasure and Pain", "Into the Unknown", and closer "No Man’s Land" choose to churn at a slower rpm but are just as lethal. Opting to let their hybrid hardcore/metal heaviness shine through the eye of the storm with mid-tempo battery and epic breakdowns.

Track Listing:

01. Power and Control
02. Truth, Lies, Fear
03. Realm of Despair
04. Long Time Gone
05. The Crushing Madness
06. Conversations with Death
07. Sting of Betrayal
08. Pleasure and Pain
09. Into the Unknown
10. No Man’s Land

First Press:
313 - Gold
733 - White/Gold Mix
1048 - Clear
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