Website Questions

Who designed your website?
The Deathwish website was created by J. Bannon and programmed by Anthony Bennett @ Exhibit-X. Collectively, these two are responsible for the online identity of Deathwish and it's sister companies.

Who/what are the background images on the Deathwish website?
The background images are photography taken by DW staff, bands, and friends of the business. The images showcase the uniqueness and character that is the Deathwish family as a whole. Hit refresh and see what all the hype is about. Photography is credited accordingly on each image in the bottom left corner.

General Questions

Are you guys/girls some sort of mega-conglomerate corporate hardcore machine?
No, far from it actually. We are simply a small group of people that love music/art and love providing for the artists that we work for.

Currently there are eight people who work part or full time for Deathwish. Many of us are in bands, and the rest are really good at air-drums and air-guitar.

We are not rich, we do not live in mansions, and we are nothing that the anonymous rumor mill decides to invent for internet entertainment. When we started, we didn't like what was out there ourselves for label choices, so as artists and people directly involved in the independent music world, we created our own alternative, "Deathwish". We love this thing and have given ourselves to it. With that said, if you don't dig what is out there we encourage you to make your own alternative. Get motivated and go make your own productive/positive noise.

Who and what is Deathwish Music LLC?
Deathwish Inc. is an independent music label founded by Jacob Bannon (Converge) and Tre McCarthy. With roots within the Punk, Hardcore, and Metal communities, the label has been responsible for countless landmark releases that have shaped the world of aggressive music as we know it today.

Deathwish is considered one of the most reliable and trusted mailorder businesses for all things Hardcore, Punk, and Metal worldwide. Visit our online store at

Deathwish Direct is the distribution arm of the business. Along with Deathwish releases and apparel, Deathwish Direct distributes a variety of other labels to retailers and distributors worldwide. Labels include: Black Market Activities, Closed Casket Activities, Discos Huelga, Get This Right, Glory Kid, Good Fight, Grave Mistake, Melotov, Nonbeliever, React!, Sea Legs, Six Feet Under, State of Mind, Vitriol Records, and more.

Who/what is Malfunction Records?
That's easy, we are.
In 2007, Deathwish acquired respected hardcore/punk label, Malfunction Records.

Malfunction was founded by longtime friends Linas Garsys and Tru Pray. Under their direction since 1999, the label released quality music from many including: Internal Affairs, Ceremony, Cast Aside, Count Me Out, Bitter End, The Hope Conspiracy, Meltdown, XO Skeletons, Piece By Piece, Give Up The Ghost, and more.

Together, Deathwish and Malfunction are now one label family.

Deathwish continues to operate Malfunction with the same love and dedication that Linas and Tru gave to the label since it's inception. We continue to honor the same agreements that Linas and Tru made with their affiliated artists. As importantly, we show all of these Malfunction affiliated artists the same dedication and support that we provide to all things Deathwish.

You can find all Malfunction affiliated artist and release information integrated right here into the Deathwish website.

Who/what is Perfect Victim Records?
That's easy, we are as well.
In 2008, Deathwish/Malfunction acquired the existing catalog of Perfect Victim Records (formerly called Stab & Kill Records).

Perfect Victim was founded by longtime friend "Perfect" Mike. From 2003 thru 2006, under his direction the label released a number of releases from bands like: Slumlords, Forward To Death, S.O.S., Blue Monday, On Our Own, Sub Zero, and more.

Though there are no plans to resurrect the label, Deathwish/Malfunction will continue making the back catalog available for years to come.

How do I sign to Deathwish?
We no longer accept physical demos. Please email us links to your recordings posted on your Bandcamp, YouTube, or those hosted on your band's own website. Email links to Please only send one email inquiry regarding your recordings, and we will contact you if we are interested. Please make sure to email links only and DO NOT INCLUDE ATTACHED PRESS KITS OR MP3s.

Is Deathwish an "independent" label?
Yes. Deathwish is an independent business/record label and has been since it's inception. Though in present day, the retail distribution end of the music business has direct ties to various corporate giants, Deathwish remains independently owned and operated.

Why don't you still release records from all of your bands?
A. Bands break up: Unfortunately most bands don't stay bands forever. Because of this, some bands have fewer releases in our catalog than others. With bands that have disbanded, their releases are no longer in press and may no longer be available in physical form. We may still carry apparel, leftover copies, and downloadable versions of their releases in the DW Estore. Be sure to check there for any and all available items.

B. One offs: Many bands (especially in the early days of Deathwish) released "one off" records with the label. This means that there were no agreements to release more than one recording with Deathwish. Many of these artists (100 Demons, Breather Resist, Cursed, MLIW, Nine, ALOL, etc) have releases available on other labels. Their non DW releases are also carried in the DW Estore. Be sure to check out what is currently available.

How do I contact your affiliated bands?
Most of our affiliated bands have official websites, Myspace pages, etc. Links to these urls can be found on the band pages of this website.

Estore Questions

DW Estore business hours?
The DW Estore is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We process orders Monday Through Friday 10AM to 6PM EST.

Shipping & Delivery
The DW Estore offers a variety of shipping options for your order. Though most orders are shipped within 24-48 hours of being received, orders can take a significant amount of time to reach their destination. Please keep in mind that postal Holidays, weekends, and inclement weather can/will effect delivery times. International customers please note that customs inspection can also effect delivery times.

Also note that if you order a popular/anticipated release, it may take us some time to comb through the large amount of orders we receive. Your patience is always appreciated.

Order Tracking: If you would like to track your order, select UPS as your shipping option during checkout. Please note that the USPS does not offer real time tracking on any package. UPS shipping is available to U.S. customers only.

Refunds & Exchanges
We want you to love what you ordered from Deathwish. If something is not right, let us know. Deathwish gladly accepts returns/exchanges of any defective merchandise within 30 days of date of purchase. For items returned after 30 days from the date of purchase, a DW Estore credit will be issued for the purchase price.

Please note that Deathwish is not responsible for items damaged in transit. But, if your order looks like it was eaten by a bear and puked out into your mailbox, please let us know. We'll try and help you out.

How (and in what order) do you pack your orders?
We pack ALL of our orders on a "first come first served" basis. We do this to insure that our customers who placed orders first, receive the most rare and limited versions of our releases. If you did not receive the most rare version of an item, that simply means that there were "X" amount of orders received ahead of your order.

We do not guarantee that you will receive the most limited version of any item.

I have questions regarding my Estore order, who do I contact?
Email with any Estore inquiries and we will contact you as soon as possible. Please note, we answer inquiries during the business hours of 10AM to 7PM EST, Monday through Friday. Please include your name, order number, mailing address, and email address associated with your order in your inquiry.

I ordered a silkscreened/giclee print and/or poster along with other items, but only one package is here, what gives?
In order to protect your print and/or poster, they are shipped separately in heavy duty shipping tubes and are not folded in any way. In transit, sometimes packages will separate from one another and may have staggered delivery dates.

Apparel Dimensions & Brands
The dimensions below are approximated as we use different companies for our apparel. All sizes use the "length X width" formula, displayed in inches. Garments are measured flat across the chest and under the sleeve area. Please note that the American Apparel brand runs smaller than these general measurements. Items printed on American Apparel are identified in their product description.

33" X 26" - XXL
32" X 24" - XL
30" X 22" - Large
28" X 20" - Medium
27" X 18" - Small
25" X 20" - Youth Large
24" X 18" - Youth Medium

All Sweatshirts:
29" X 30" - XXL
27" X 28" - XL
27" X 25" - Large
27" X 22" - Medium
27" X 20" - Small

25" X 24" - XL
24" X 22" - Large
23" X 20" - Medium
22" X 18" - Small

All Hats:
6 3/4 or 7 1/4 Hat Size, 21" to 22.25" head - Small/Medium
7 1/4 or 7 5/8 Hat Size, 22.75" to 23.75" head - Large/XL

What is a Pre-order?
Pre-ordering is the option to purchase an item before it arrives from manufacturing. Many pre-orders receive other incentives (exclusive apparel, rare packaging, etc) that is exclusive to the Pre-ordering option. Pre-orders are shipped on a "first come first served basis", beginning on the day the item(s) arrive in stock at Deathwish. In most cases, this ship date is weeks before street date. Visit our Estore to see what Pre-orders are currently available.

I am a label/vendor/band, how do I get my items carried in the DW Estore?
We are always taking submissions for items to be carried in the DW Estore. We carry all formats of independent music. We also carry books, publications, dvds, and apparel from a wide variety of vendors/labels/artists, etc. Send us an email with your items specifics to, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Pressing Questions

Does Deathwish provide pressing information for licensed releases?
Deathwish does not provide pressing information for releases that we have licensed to other labels. Since we did not oversee the manufacturing of those titles, we feel our information could/would be incomplete. Please contact those labels for their pressing information (licensing labels are listed in the release descriptions).