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April 29, 2010 12:11PM

this summer SLANG a long running Japanese HC band is coming over to tour the states. I know sometimes it's hit or miss with bands coming here from other countries, I can assure you this one is LEGIT. these guys have been a band over 20 years. soundwise they've done everything from NYHC, to heavy mid period Discharge type stuff and all of it has been consistently excellent in the given style. they are also the only band that will ever have a split with mind eraser and madball, which i think is pretty fucking cool. one of the things i really like about these guys is they're more aware of the USHC scene past/present than a lot of other Japanese bands (e.g. NA, AF, Cro Mags), but also have a lot of the trad Japanese HC sound.

below are some tour dates. the first half is Slang + Mind Eraser, the second leg is Slang + World Burns To Death. both bands will have splits out w/ Slang for tour, all new material.

live ripper: [www.youtube.com]
some studio work: [www.myspace.com] (i suggest AMID THE RAW PAIN which is a muscular shredder).

May 28th Chaos in Tejas Fest After Party at the Broken Neck w/ World Burns to Death

May 29th Chaos in Tejas Fest at Emo's w/ Poison Idea,the Pist,Morpheme,La Urss,Wild Thing and Deskonocidos

May 30th OFF

May 31st Dallas,TX the Prophet Bat w/ Subhumans,Cross Stitched Eyes and Unit 21 (NO MIND ERASER)

June 1st Dallas,TX at the Phoenix Project (406 S. Haskell st.) w/ Mind Eraser,Tolar and Power Trip (NO SLANG)

June 2nd St Louis,MO at Fubar (3108 Locust St) w/ MInd Eraser,Cardiac Arrest and Suburban Smash

June 3rd Milwaukee,WI at the Eagles Nest (825 east center st) w/ Mind Eraser

June 4th Chicago,IL w/ Mind Eraser

June 5th Detroit,MI at the Corktown Tavern w/ Mind Eraser,Nightbringer,Final Assualt and Disconnected

June 6th Cleveland,OH at Now That's Class w/ Mind Eraser,Inmates,Pigsticker and Mad Minds

June 7th Pittsburgh,PA at the Helter Shelter w/ Mind Eraser,Ecoli and Kim Phuc

June 8th Albany,NY at Valentines w/ Mind Eraser,Brain Killer,Coughing Fit,Pointblank and Damnation Ally

June 9th Brooklyn,NY at Death By Audio w/ Mind Eraser,Nomos and Rival Mob (this is my birthday)

June 10th Boston,MA at the Mass Art w/ World Burns to Death and Mind Eraser (this show is actually my birthday celebration)

June 11th Providence,RI at AS220 w/ World Burns to Death,Neon Bitches,Cough and Elder

June 12th NYC,NY at the Cake Shop w/ World Burns to Death,Absurd System and Perdition

June 13th Philadelphia,PA at the First Unitarian Church w/ World Burns to Death,Blacklisted,Blood Bomber and Cobra Lung

June 14th OFF

June 15th Baltimore,MD at the Barclay House (2101 Barclay St) w/ World Burns to Death,the Wankys and Lotus Fucker and Chaos Destroy

June 16th Richmond,VA Plaza Bowl w/ World Burns to Death,Wasted Time,Skin Like Iron,Pollution,White Lung and Dry Spell

June 17th Raleigh,NC at Ahhh Peele Art Gallery w/ World Burns to Death

June 18th Atlanta,GA at 585 Wells st w/ World Burns to Death,American Cheeseburger and Bukkake Boys

June 19th New Orleans,LA at the Hiho lounge w/ World Burns to Death and Bastard Noise

June 20th Houston,TX at the Mink w/ World Burns to Death

June 21st Austin,TX at the Mohawk w/ World Burns to Death,Unit 21 and Criaturas
April 29, 2010 01:49PM
I'll be at your birthday show, no doubt. Killer lineup.
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