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Twothirtyeight - You Should Be Living LP on Fat Sandwich
April 08, 2010 06:40PM
I know that the majority of bands on this label and those that are talked about on this board are not of the indie genre, but I'm releasing this album on Fat Sandwich and I know there are a few of you on here that like this band and you only post here and not on the other boards such as DF and VC. I've started a kickstarter page to help raise the funds. whatever funding is necessary after the pledge drive succeeds, i will pull from my own savings. I have great incentives. there are 5 test press packages left, plus bundles that include all 3 colors as well as an opportunity to guarantee the rarest pressing. If you like this band, please pledge.

Re: Twothirtyeight - You Should Be Living LP on Fat Sandwich
April 13, 2010 02:30AM
we had a great first 2 days of pledging. we are a third of the way to our goal. i'd liek to see us halfway buy the 17th day of the pledge drive. We still have 4 test packages left.
Re: Twothirtyeight - You Should Be Living LP on Fat Sandwich
April 16, 2010 07:56AM
UPDATE!!! So i wanted to get a video up for an update but i can't find my cord so a comment update will have to suffice. So here goes:

1. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We are so excited to see so much support and so many pledges within the first week. We thought that it would take the entire 34 days to meet our goal and to hit 52% within the first 8 days is staggering to say the least. Thank you!
2. Test Presses bundles are sold out. Thanks to all of you who picked one of those bad boys up1
3. We still need your support! If you have pledged, please spread the word to your friends about us. If you haven't pledged, please consider doing so. Spread the word about us.
4. We'll be receiving the masters and the artwork soon enough from Tooth and Nail. As soon as the masters are in hand, we'll be sending them to Lucky Lacquers in Seattle to get the lacquers made. We want to have both lacquers and jackets done before the pledge drive is over, so that all that is left is getting the actual vinyl pressed.
5. lastly, look for this to release in mid july. If we can have it out sooner we will, but right now we're aiming for mid july.

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