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Boston Area
April 06, 2010 12:36PM
I'll be there from this saturday for 2 weeks recommend me something cool to do and/or venues, shops, (especially) record stores..thanks!
Re: Boston Area
April 06, 2010 04:15PM
eat at grasshopper and what used to be tj scallywaggs in allston. if you like really good vegan food
Re: Boston Area
April 06, 2010 09:52PM
go see castle island and watch planes fly over your head. walk everywhere. if you like pizza and youre not vegan grab Pinocchios, eat at charlies, and if youre into craft beer the otherside has a bunch, so does bukowski (2 locations).
stop in at my job and say hi, its in kendall square in cambridge.
and theres a delicious breakfast place nearby.
Re: Boston Area
April 16, 2010 10:53AM
Newbury Comics is the main record store/comics/t-shirts/other cultural crap chain around here. Check it out. If you get to Providence, check out Armagedon records. There's also Looney Tunes and IN Your Ear in Boston. Horror Business in Allston is a cool fashion boutique/record store that sells hardcore/punk/metal stuff.
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