Hello friends. Spring is right around the corner. It's not quite fully here yet in Baltimore, but it's close. It's still cool enough for a nice new Pulling Teeth "viking" hoodie. Get yours while they last. Time to plant your garden, scrub down your grill, put some air in the soccer ball, patch the flat tire on your bike, and get the hell outside, and do it all while listening to some sweet tunes. If you like it short and sweet get excited because The Ergs - Thrash Compactor 7" is officially out now! If you missed out on red vinyl during the pre-order riot, that's a real bummer, but I promise you the black sounds just as good. If you love The Ergs as much as we do here at FR/TPR HQ, you definitely don't wanna miss out on this, which could very possibly be their final release. If you're not that familiar with The Ergs and bands like Adrenaline OD, early Descendents, or Angry Samoans are up your alley, do yourself a favor and check this out. To those that placed a pre-order, they will start shipping on Monday. Keep an eye on your mailbox. We've been doing lots of trading lately so there will be some big updates coming. We've already got a bunch of cool new stuff in the store this week, but first, the news...

You can now find almost all of our releases for sale as digital downloads at iTunes, eMusic, Amazon, etc. Basically, almost anywhere you like to buy mp3s from. iTunes seems to have all the pricing correctly, while some of the other places are a little whacky, based on number of songs and not format (7" EP). If there's a store you prefer to use that looks like they're charging more than $4 for an EP, let me know so we can get it fixed. Thanks.

We've got a new distributor. Thanks to the kind folks at Independent Label Collective (www.ilcdistro.com) for taking Firestarter and Toxic Pop releases on a non-exclusive basis. They're also the ones taking care of our digital distribution. There's some great people in the ranks there so do yourself a favor and show them your support.

After too many years of delays THE ERGS - Thrash Compactor 7" is finally out! If you cherish your Adrenaline OD, Angry Samoans, and Descendents - Bonus Fat records than this will definitely be up your alley. 5 fast, short, and sweet songs on one side of a 7". If you're familiar with their song-writing abilities than you know there is no way these are gonna suck. It's a ripper for sure. The layout for the MODERN PROBLEMS 7" is undergoing some slight reconstruction, but that is coming along nicely. The band has sadly decided to call it quits, but the 7" EP will still see the light of day sometime soon. It's some great midwestern rippin' fast hardcore, too good to fall by the wayside. The RUN DOWN 7" single will also be seeing the light of day sometime soon, so keep an eye out for those.

We're still waiting on the layout for the IDLE HANDS 12" and the final mix for the TENEMENT - Daylight World 7" single to get finished, so not much new news from Toxic Pop this week. We are very excited to let you know that for the 3rd year in a row we've been asked to book the 3rd stage for Insubordination Fest here in Baltimore. It's happening at Sonar June 25th & 26th and should not be missed if you dig the sounds of catchy as hell punk rock. We're still working on the line up but we're already pretty excited about it. We'll hopefully have a couple of new releases out in time for the fest. Get excited.

On to distro items...

Some suggestions for ya...
We've had the Ecoli - Judas Cradle and Tenement/Used Kids split 7"s in our distro for a while now but they somehow never made it into the webstore. Both of these great records are now out of print, so grab them while you can. The Tenement side of the split will wear out the needle on your turntable from playing it so much. Seriously great stuff. That's Incredible is Sean from Toys That Kill's new band and if you love his songwriting as much as we do, you won't be disappointed. Still can't stop listening to the Rumspringer 10". We just re-upped on that one and there's really no way you won't like that if you're at all into any of the stuff that Toxic Pop has released. It's really fucking good. If you don't have the new Regulations album, "To Be Me", yet, you really need to get on that. We've got it on both CD and LP (with bonus 7"winking smiley. It's really friggin' good. They somehow keep managing to great amazing early 80s inspired hc/punk that never gets stale or comes off as rehash. Highly recommended.

new in the Firestarter Records webstore:

Canadian Rifle - Facts (Jawbreaker's Unfun all hopped up on goofballs)
Cloak/Dagger - Don't Need A... (the single from the Lost Art LP plus 2 exclusive B-sides)
Ecoli - Judas Cradle (crazed hc/punk from Cali)
Genders - s/t (CT powerviolence)
Hips - Monkey In a Cage (Cali punk energetic mess)
Human Mess - Anger Problems (mental hardcore destruction, loud and raw)
Infected - Awake In Our Own Graves (Samiam-ish punk from KY)
Just Die! - Garages & Basements (fast hc with a melodic edge, Suicide File meets Kid Dynamite)
Lemuria - Ozzy (2 brand new indie-pop gems)
Lion of Judah - Number-rology (modern hc with a strong 90s DC influence)
Meth Mountain - Monotony (melodic punk/hc, Doughboys meet Asexuals)
New Creases - About Last Night... (great male/female fronted melodic punk, kinda like Cheeky)
Pollution - n.s. Drugs (AmRep meets Black Flag, dirty hardcore/punk)
the Quarantines - Robot Girl (sweet poppy punk from Baltimore, Ramones meets Mr. T Experience, x-Heroin Addicts)
Southside Stranglers - Too Much TV (Sonics meets Pagans garagey punk rock, mems. of Government Warning)
That's Incredible - s/t (mems. of Toys That Kill and Soviettes making some killer punk)
Wide Angles - s/t (new band from the Sidewalk Cracks kids, Jawbreaker-ish)
split - Andrew Jackson Jihad / Apocalypse Meow (one side off-kilter acoustic punk, one side speedy pop punk)
split - Dude Jams / Too Many Daves (dirty, sweaty, drunk punk rock)
split - New Creases / It Good (midwest pop/punk meets dirty south pop/punk)
split - Tenement / Used Kids (grunge/pop meets punk/pop, Tenement is essential listening!)
split - Turkish Techno / Anchor, the (great midwestern style melodic punk)
V/A: Dangerous Intersections vol. VI (No Highfives to Bullshit, the Manix, the Humanoids, The Taxpayers - pop punk!)

Rumspringer - s/t (midwest/east bay style melodic poppy punk, really really really good)

Daylight Robbery - Through the Confusion LP (great Avengers / Dangerhouse Records style punk)
Defect Defect - s/t LP (dark, moody punk, x-Observers)
Regulations - To Be Me LP + bonus 7" (Sweden's kings of classic hc/punk offer up their 3rd album)
Sacred Shock - You're Not With Us LP (raging hardcore with a touch of melody, x-Iron Age, Hatred Surge)
Sleepwall - s/t EP (the final four songs from this brilliant NY post-hardcore band)
Varsity Weirdos, the - Can't Go Home LP (Ramones-core done right)

Orphan Choir - s/t (Canadian indie-pop with a 90s vibe)
Regulations - To Be Me (3rd full-length, still incredible classic hc/punk)

zine: Got Myself #4 (Roky Erickson, Rational Animals, the Pits, more)
zine: Self Aware #5 (Touche Amore, Stymie, Outlaw Order, Hawks, more)

hoodies: Pulling Teeth viking (artwork from Rick Kercz [Pig Destroyer, Damnation AD, Smoke or Fire, etc.)

still hot:
Cold Shoulder - Patriot (really really solid sxe fast hc/punk from Chicago, highly recommended)
Guilty Faces - Domestic Bliss LP (CT hc/punk, Adolescents meets the Wipers)
Reactionaries, the - Ingenuity LP (Belgian garage/punk, ex-Dead Stop)
Vacant State - Internal Conflict (Vancouver hc/punk, Boston Crew meets Black Flag)
split - Brody's Militia / Black Market Fetus (brutal grindcore/thrash)
split - Dios Mio / Bring That Shit (fast as shit hc/punk, thrash dogs)
split - For the Worse / Wednesday Night Heroes (rough and tumble punk rock)
V/A: Dangerous Intersecions vol. V (Troublemake, Legendary S.D. Chargers, Shang-A-Lang, Andrew Jackson Jihad)

Copyrights - Make Sound LP
Lemuria - The First Collection LP
Lemuria - Get Better LP
Lemuria - Ozzy 7"
Psyched To Die - Scatter
Rumspringer - s/t 10"

Destruction's End - Prepare To Die 12" LP
DFA - Destined For Assimilation 12" LP
DFA - Defy False Authority 12" LP
Down In Flames - s/t 12" LP
Dragnet - We're All Cutthroats 12" LP
Ensign - Cast the First Stone 12" LP
Ensign - The Price of Progression 12" LP "fall tour 2001" cover
Forward To Death - Death Therapy 12" LP (blue vinyl)
Functional Blackouts - The Severed Tongue... 12" LP
Hammer - Yellow 12" LP
Headfirst - The Enemy 12" LP
Hit Me Back - Life 12" LP
I Attack - s/t 12" LP
I Shot Cyrus - Tiranus 12" LP
Infect - Indelevel 12" LP
Kerum - Twilight of the Apocalypse 12" LP (library edition)
Kill Van Kull, the - Human Bomb 12" LP

...and so much more!

sale items:
Agenda, the - Pessimism of the Mind, Optimism of the Will 7"
Altaira - Weigh Your Conscience CDep
At Half Mast - Alive, Alone, and Waiting CDep
Blood of Christian Children - s/t 12" EP
Breaks, the - Get Saved 7"
C.R. - Discography CD
Cannibals, Thee - Suburban Sex 7"
Caustic Christ - Lycanthropy 12" LP
Chaos Days - Demo 2006 7"
Daggermouth - Stallone CD
DC Snipers - Missile Sunset CD
Deadfall - Keep Telling Yourself It's OK 7"
DS-13 - Killed By the Kids CD
Fifty on Red - s/t 7"
Four Eyes, the - Five Songs About Video Games and One About Some... CDep
I Shot Cyrus - Complete Discography 1997 - 2001 CD
Imperial Leather - Something Out Of Nothing CD
Impulse International - Arm the Girls 7"
Kill Your Idols - Something Started Here CD
Liar's Academy - Run For Cover 7"
Map the Growth - Call the Question 7"
Never Enough - Our Will Is Done 7"
Pointing Finger - Best Bruises Collection CD
Pointing Finger - Milestone CD
Poison Control - The Violent Years 7"
split - Bossy / Dirty Looks 7"
split - Pterodacdudes / Shred Savage 7"
Steinways, the - Unoriginal Recipe 7"
Tricycle Farm - Everything's On Sale CD
Walking Wreck - Morphed Out 7"

While updating the pressing info on the Firestarter page I found that I am missing some records from my collection. Some I remember trading away but I guess I just forgot to save personal copies of the others. Bummer. So here's a list of the Firestater releases that I need copies of. I'm down to buy or trade if you can help me out...

Never Enough - Our Will Is Done 7" (reject test)
Ruiner - WCPGR? 7" (1st press, black vinyl)
Ruiner - WCPGR? 7" (2nd press, black vinyl)
the Breaks - Get Saved 7" (1st press, black vinyl)
Formaldehyde Junkies - ...Are a Total Wreck 7" (test press, see Anton Underestimated for these)
Formaldehyde Junkies - ...Are a Total Wreck 7" (2nd press, regular cover)
Sick Sick Birds - Heavy Manners 12" LP (1st press, transitional vinyl, "dirty birdies, #/9" stamped on inner sleeve, all in Japan, whoops!)

Thanks nerds!

next up from Firestarter Records:
FR12: Run Down - 7" single (x-Formaldehyde Junkies, the Breaks, a mix of Observers, 45 Grave, and the Damned)
FR13: Paper Dragons - Die To Please LP (x-the Spark, Bad Business, crossing Circle Jerks, Jawbreaker, and Nirvana)
FR14: Modern Problems - Trainwreck 7" EP (Negative Approach/the Fix, midwest hc/punk from Winnipeg)

next up from Toxic Pop Records:
TOX08: Idle Hands - Empty Matters 12" LP (both of their 7"s on one convenient 12" LP, catchy punk from Germany a la Buzzcocks, Wipers, Descendents, mems. of Press Gang, co-released with Wallride Records)
TOX10: Tenement - Taking Everything b/w Daylight World 7" (melodic grunge/punk from WI)

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