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DW Distro Update: Bane, End Of A Year, Expire, Grace Alley & more!
March 22, 2010 05:43PM


Bane "Rome 12:58" 7"EP
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End Of A Year "More Songs About Transportation and Intercourse" 7"EP
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Expire "Grim Rhythm" 7"EP
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Grace Alley "Gloom River" 7"EP
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For these and more releases please visit our New Releases section.

Bane "Rome 12:58" 7"EP
Deadhead / Cathedrals "Split" 7"EP
End Of A Year "More Songs About Transportation and Intercourse" 7"EP
Expire "Grim Rhythm" 7"EP
Grace Alley "Gloom River" 7"EP
The Mistake "Fuck What You Heard" 12"LP
The Wonder Years "The Upsides" 12"LP

Deadhead "A State Of Punk" 7"EP
The Evens "Self Titled" 12"LP
The Evens "Get Evens" 12"LP
Fugazi "Instrument" 12"LP
Fugazi "3 Songs" 7"EP
Jawbox "For Your Own Special Sweetheart" 12"LP
The Make-Up "Destinatinon: Love - Live! At Cold Rice" 12"LP
Mons Wolff / Canyons "Split" 7"EP
Nation of Ulysses "Plays Pretty For Baby" 12"LP
Nation of Ulysses "13-Point Program to Destroy America" 12"LP
Q and Not U "No Kill No Beep Beep" 12"LP

108 "Creation. Sustenance. Destruction" 2xCD
Backtrack "Deal With The Devil" 7"EP
Bad Seed / War Hungry "Split" 7"EP
Bane "Los Angeles 3:58 PM" 7"EP
Burning Fight Book
Dag Nasty "Can I Say"12"LP
Down To Nothing "The Most" 12"LP
Embrace "Self Titled" 12"LP
The Faith / Void "Split" 12"LP
Fugazi "Instrument" DVD
Fugazi "Furniture" 7"EP
Fugazi "Repeater" 12"LP
Fugazi "Steady Diet Of Nothing" 12"LP
Gorilla Biscuits "Self Titled" 7"EP
Jawbox "Tongues" 7"EP
Killing The Dream "Self Titled" CD
Living Hell "The Lost & The Damned" 12"LP
Modern Life Is War "Midnight In America" 12"LP
Outbreak "Self Titled" 12"LP
Paint It Black "Amnesia" 7"EP
Pressure / Colin Of Arabia "Split" 12"EP
Rotting Out "Vanadlized" 7"EP
Rorschach "Remain Sedate / Protestant" 2x12LP
Swamp Thing "In Shame" 12"LP

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