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RadicalName (w/ Touche Amore @ Gilman video)
February 07, 2010 12:49PM
First and foremost I will link the Touche Amore edit that was put together from the Gilman show with Hope-Con.

[vimeo.com] by Jeff

Next, I am happy to say that my roommates CJ and Jeff have successfully launched their website after many grueling days of formatting, editing, and troubleshooting. Definitely something to be proud of thus far. Feel free to follow them on any of their social networking links, as well as at the site:


They both can do a much better job explaining the ideology behind it, but it is more or less an e-Wall
of things that will collaborate to form a constantly expanding/growing/refining website. So, if you have any interest in rollerblading, live music, or exceptionally humorous stories revolving around day to day things check 'em out.


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