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Dying Fetus - Descend into Depravity
January 31, 2010 07:35PM
Dudes: I know I'm a bit late on this but this album is amazing. I just started listening to it last week. It is way better than their last release. Unfortunately, Relapse is long sold out. Do you know where to get this on vinyl (other than eBay)? Thanks
Re: Dying Fetus - Descend into Depravity
February 01, 2010 03:23PM
Yeah I'm looking for distros to carry the vinyl of this as well. This album is great and I believe their best since Destroy The Opposition .

War of Attrition wasn't all too great due to the fact that John Gallagher wrote everything by himself and programmed all of the drums. So when it came down to record it, he quickly assembled a band and they just played their parts. The album sounds very removed. As you can tell Descend just sounds and feels so much stronger due to the fact that he has a stable line up again and that it was written as a band.
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