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[photos] Doomriders/Lionize/Never Got Caught @ house of blues
January 05, 2010 12:54PM
pretty fun show to end the year...Nate made some comment that playing the HoB stage was a lot different than playing Great Scott. The new stuff sounded good.

Lionize had a strong reggae/dub vibe going, but wasn't hidebound to tradition. not too shabby.

Never Got Caught was a good band to start things off...pretty catchy tough-guy rock.

I didn't get to shoot Clutch unfortunately, as my pass was approved via Deathwish...i never heard a response from Clutch's PR folks so i guess that's that. they did some stuff from the new record, and then played their self-titled record. the guitarist seemed pretty limited to working a riff for the song, then doing some high-pitched wahwah solo. that was the formula for every song, it seemed. they came off as a b-grade RATM at times.
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