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The DEATHWISH "Best Of 2009" list!
January 04, 2010 02:57PM
Welcome to the Deathwish Best of 2009 list!

Once again, we asked members of the Deathwish extended friends and family to contribute their favorites of the past year. We've got friends from: 108, Amen Ra, Betrayed, Blacklisted, The Carrier, Ceremony, Coalesce, Cold Cave, Converge, End Of A Year, Hydrahead Records, Isis, Killing The Dream, Lewd Acts, Magic Bullet Records, Maximum Penalty, Nails, Narrows, New Lows, Painkiller Records, Pulling Teeth, React! Records, Reaper Records, Rise And Fall, Thursday, Touche Amore, Trap Them, & more!

Keep an eye out, more will surely be added in the coming days...

Name: aaron horkey
Claim to fame: Founder and sole survivor, Black Osprey Dead Arts Society. No fame.
Website: deadartspublishing.com & mega-fauna.com

01. L.B.H. 11/13/09
02. Al Columbia, "Pim and Francie" (Fantagraphics)
03. Pissed Jeans, "King of Jeans" LP (sub pop)
04. Sleeping in Gethsemane "Burrows" LP (INIT)
05. Red Jacket Trail missions, cart in tow.
06. Alien Workshop, "Mind Field" (AWS)
07. Spires/1994 split 12" (Inkblot)
08. James Jean, "Process Recess 3" (Adhouse)
09. Dinosaur Jr. "Farm" 2XLP (Jagjaguar)
10. Tom Waits, "Glitter and Doom Live" 2XLP (anti)

Name: aaron coloccia-turner
Claim to fame: secretary for mark thompson/hydra head records, administrator for isis inc.
Website: www.aaronbturner.blogspot.com/

01. getting married to faith coloccia!
02. being alive for yet another year
03. the following animals: robot, valis, orange, pancake
04. all things hydra head
05. finally getting jodis and greymachine music out for wider listening
06. playing live with mamiffer, isis, and house of low culture in various spots around the world
07. seeing live music by: circle, helms alee, tombs, dälek, keelhaul, barn owl, etc.
08. records by: deathspell omega, megadeth, circle, hildur gudnadottir, leviathan, converge, king midas sound, etc
09. books by: imre kertesz, mary daly, philip k. dick, virginia woolf, mary shelley, etc
10. comics by: zak sally, tom neely, ed brubaker, alan moore, bernie wrightson, chris ware, dash shaw, etc.

Claim to fame: Backing band for the bloody head guy.

01.Lewd Kids European tour 2k9
02.Seeing the Pixies
03.Racer 5 IPA
04.Black Eye Blues
05.David Bazan-Curse Your Branches
06.Recording in Salem in January.
08.Eagle Twin-The Unkindness of Crows

Name: C Andrew Rice
Claim to fame: End Of A Year Fan Club President
Website: www.deathwishbooking.com / www.deathwishinc.com

00. Tre, Jake, Nicole, Janelle, Kellie, Dave, Dre, Rich, Monster, Pike, Merrick, & Cody
00. New Place with Dave and Caitlin.
00. Patrick Kindlon & Nick Warchol
00. Joe Hardcore & This Is Hardcore 09
00. Fun Fun Fun Fest & Japan Tour w/ Reign Supreme
00. Last Have Heart tour w/ End Of A Year, Cruel Hand, Foundation
00. Scion Fest, Euro Tour, US Tour w/ A Storm Of Light
00. The Carrier (that includes Frasske, B Ball, Ian, & Hornsby)
00. Internal Affairs East Coast Tour w/ Alpha And Omega
00. New Records from Rise And Fall, RGN SUP, Mother Of Mercy and Blacklisted
00. Summer Tour w/ Reign Supreme & The Carrier
00. Title Fight & Tigers Jaw
00. Guns Up weekend w/ Rise And Fall
00. Jeff Dot, Wilcox, Chaplin, Kinlin, Nukem, Tayes, & Dubb @ The Brighton House
00. SLT

Name: Anthony Bennett
Claim to fame: Deathwish web dude
Website: [www.exhibit-x.com]

01. new Converge/Doomriders/Rise & Fall/Lucero/Brand New records
02. David Cross live / Paul F. Tompkins live
03. S-works Tarmac sl2 / Riding a lot
04. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia / Dexter
05. vinyldownload.com
06. Moden Warfare 2
07. Macbook Pro
08. The Hangover
09. Rex Ryan / Bart Scott / Mark Sanchez
10. bartape.net

Name: Anthony Traniello
Claim to fame: Singer of The Carrier; Friends with Tim
Website: [www.myspace.com]

01. Modern Warfare 2
02. The Bonus Army's Negative Outlooks
03. Winter tour with Killing the Dream
04. Summer Tour with Shui Hulud and Reign SUP
05. Andy Rice's Tan
06. Anchors Up
07. XXL
08. Dickie's funny jeans
09. Terror's new cd
10. Fred and I drinking alone hanging out on the internet

Name: Aram Arslanian
Claim to fame: Some guy Tre knows
Website: www.itstimetoreact.com

01. My family and friends who have helped me make it through the hardest year of my life. There aren’t words for how much your love, friendship, advice, and support have meant to me. Thank you
02. The Straight Edge
03. Euro Brocation with Steb, and Northwest Brocation with Old-heads
04. REACT! crew, HQ, releases, and bands: Mindset, Get the Most, ON, Right Idea, GBNF, Carry On, Breakthrough, Not Sorry, and all the new bands and releases that are yet to be announced
05. Doomriders- Darkness Come Alive (Deathwish Inc)
06. Converge- Axe to Fall (Epitaph/Deathwish Inc)
07. Blacklisted- No One Deserves to be Here More Than Me (Deathwish Inc)
08. NAILS- Obscene Humanity (Six Feet Under)
09. Give- s/t (Moon Flower)
10. Trapped Under Ice- Secrets of the World (Reaper)

Name: Brent Eyestone
Claim to fame: Janitor - Magic Bullet Records, Ham - Forensics
Website: [www.magicbulletrecords.com]

01. Becoming an uncle for the first time. A little lady named Ivy. I had no clue how protective you instantly get over little ones like this.
02. Opening up a Magic Bullet Records & Skateboards retail store here in town and seeing my brother (the day to day dude) the happiest he's ever been.
03. Boston/Salem brothers unleashing an unholy trinity of devastating brilliance: DOOMRIDERS "Darkness Come Alive," DISAPPEARER "The Clearing," CONVERGE "Axe To Fall"
04. Playing with RORSCHACH and getting to draw the poster. Playing The Fest 8 in Gainesville and overseas audience members just dismantling the place...
05. GULL - live. Sickest one-man band ever.
06. PJ HARVEY & JOHN PARRISH - Riviera Theatre, Chicago + Green Zebra (restaurant)
07. Jose Aldo fighting 4 times in a year and capping it off with the strap.
08. Lumberjack-Mordam finally dying + putting awesome people in touch with each other for the birth of ILC.
09. Half-jokingly asking for a CHRISTIE FRONT DRIVE reunion at the shop... and getting a CHRISTIE FRONT DRIVE reunion at the shop.
10. Boarding a plane in the morning for UFC 108.

It was very difficult to condense down such a fantastic year into 10 things. I'm already pumped on 2010. Happy Holidays to all Deathwishers, Deathtalkers, and anyone doing their part to celebrate and carry on the true spirit of independent art and music.

Name: Bob Shedd
Claim to fame: “Fame is a fickle food - Upon a shifting plate”
Website: www.espn.com

01. September 10th - End Of A Year plays an incredible set in Atlanta, Georgia. "Barbara Payton" sounds perfect. Live music occasionally reminds me of the beauty of wonderment.
02. August 16th - Ate at Grasshopper Vegan Buffet with friends. It was very good food and got to see friends who I saw regularly and not so regularly together.
03. September 5th - Hang out in Chicago all day. A new friend allowed us to crash on his floor (thanks Joe) and I got to spend a whole day in perfect weather in a great city. An interesting and enjoyable party followed, and an old friend allowed us to crash on his floor (thanks Bucky) to end a very good day.
04. December 1st - Went to Madison Square Garden for the first time and watched the Knicks beat the Suns. MSG embodies a lot of the same energy, electricity and awe that makes New York City magical.
05. August 28th - See, stay, and enjoy Miami, FL for the first time. White sand and warm water. New places amaze me.
06. November 27th - Cold World, Strength For A Reason, Wisdom In Chains, War Hungry, Dead End Path, and Concrete Reality at Clamdiggers in Blakely, Pennsylvania. A random show followed by a terrible meal surrounded by great friends. I (still) really love hardcore.
07. August 2nd - Hang out in Oxnard, California with many good friends, including but definitely not limited to Todd Jones, Sean Riley and Eric Aliberti. Had memorable conversations and stage dove poorly for Shook Ones.
08. October 11th - Vegan dessert party. Ate so many treats I for a second thought about giving up desserts. Sorry, desserts. It was only for a second.
09. December 7th - Hang out in Pennsylvania with good friends and see Allen Iverson return to the Philadelphia 76ers. They lost. 12 years earlier I had seen AI play in his rookie season in Philly with my dad. It was cool to see it again.
10. July 23rd - Underdog and Get Real play the Jersey Shore. My two favorite hardcore bands at my favorite place to see hardcore shows.

Name: Brian Izzi
Claim to fame: Trap Them
Website: www.trapthem.net

01. good friends
02. Boris (the dog)
03. Inglourious Basterds
04. Metalucifer - Heavy Metal Bulldozer
05. Axe To Fall
06. Tribulation - The Horror
07. Aura Noir/Bolt Thrower live at MDF
08. Martyrs
09. Resident Evil 5/Uncharted 2
10. Dexter season 4 finale

Name: Buske
Claim to fame: DW07
Website: [www.actwondesign.com]

01. Trapped Under Ice "Secrets Of The World"
02. Backtrack "Deal With The Devil"
03. Skarhead "Drugs, Music & Sex"
04. Hatebreed "Hatebreed"
05. La Coka Nostra "A Brand You Can Trust"
06. Downpresser "Age Of Ignorance"
07. Earth Crisis "To The Death"
08. Cannibal Corpse "Evisceration Plague"
09. Bracewar "Whatever It Takes"
10. H8 Inc. "A Clockwork Misery"

Name: Chris Colohan
Claim to Fame: Future Ex Member of Burning Love & Mature Situations
Website: [missingpers0ns.blogspot.com]

Martyrs (France)
Iron Age - The Sleeping Eye LP
Necrophobic - Death To All LP
Behemoth - Evangelion LP
Omegas - Live and Recorded
Negative Approach - Live in Toronto
Cult Ritual - S/T LP
Doomriders- Darkness Come Alive LP
Death (1975) - For The Whole World To See (Reissue)
Immortal - All Shall Fall LP

Name: Colin H Van Eeckhout
Website: www.churchofra.com www.ritualofra.com www.myspace.com/kingdomcomes www.myspace.com/blindtofaith

01. 231009 church of ra

02. stars aligning on 07-07-09 amenra and neurosis in praha, chech republic.
03. bringing back fear in the hearts of men with BLIND TO FAITH
04. shaking mark lanegans hand
05. building a nest
06. missing my best friend
07. being deported out of the US ( thanks andy! winking smiley
08. beyond the pale 2009
09. still breathing and seeing the light of day
10. spijt

Name: Chris Minicucci, dba COOCH
Claim to fame: Painkiller Records
Website: www.painkillerrecords.com

01. Low Threat Profile 7"
02. This REALLY good hanger steak I had at a Thai restaurant in SoHo
03. Battle Ruins demo tape
04. not wearing glasses anymore
05. Iron Age - The Sleeping Eye 2xLP
06. Finally getting an original Siege demo tape
07. Hatred Surge - Deconstruct LP
08. No One Rules - NYHC flyer book
09. Framtid / Pisschrist - split 7"
10. Wasted Time - Futility LP

Name: DTKD
Claim to fame: Alliance Trax / Deathwish Japan
Website: alliance-trax.com / myspace.com/deathwishjapan

Alliance Trax / Deathwish releases
Bad Seed all songs
Doggy Hoods "Over Hyped, Over Hated"
For A Reason "Maps And Mazes"
Hatebreed "S/T"
Maximum Penalty "Life And Times"
Palm new songs
Polar Bear Club "Chasing Hamburg"
Nightmare Of You "Infomaniac"
Title Fight "The Last Thing You Forget"

Name: Dan Yemin
Claim to fame: Paint It Black, Lifetime, Armalite
Website: soundonsound.tumblr.com / paintitblack.org

Best of 2009 (in no particular order):
Pissed Jeans - “King of Jeans” (this record is an unstoppable powerhouse of early sub-pop and Jesus Lizard worship. Absolute must-have.)
Dear Landlord - “Dream Homes” (pop-punk made a comeback in 2009. These are the standard-bearers)
Blacklisted - “No One Deserves To Be Here More Than Me” (Always taking risks, always daring, always scathingly honest. Representing Philly proudly.)
The Cribs - “Ignore the Ignorant” (Brit-pop’s best this year. Johnny Marr of the Smiths is in this band!!!)
The XX – s/t (Amazing morose minimal pop. Think non-electronica New Order with dueling female/male vocals.)
Jay Reatard - “Watch Me Fall” (He keeps bringing the hooks. Not quite as memorable as the last singles collection but still outstanding)
Karen O. and the Kids - “Where the Wild Things Are” (Child-like wonder. After I saw the movie, I bought this and had it on repeat for a week.)
Wasted Time - “Futility” (This is the real hardcore. Hands-down one of the best HC bands in the country.)
Propagandhi - “Supporting Caste” (The geniuses of modern Political Punk continue to step it up with each release.)
The Pains of Being Pure At Heart – s/t (Total 80’s brit-pop worship!!!!!!!!! So authentic it feels nostalgic.)

Name: D/R
Claim to fame: A389 Records/Pulling Teeth
Website: www.a389records.com

01. TheXBeast
02. Trapped Under Ice 'Secrets Of The World'
03. Dinosaur Jr's Free Concert @ Central Park
04. Iron Age 'The Sleeping Eye'
05. Converge/Ceremony/Coliseum/Rise&Fall/PT Tour (Stay Awhile)
06. Oak 's/t'
07. ANVIL: The Story Of Anvil
08. D.R.I.'s set at Sonar
09. Bolt Thrower's at MD Deathfest
10. Integrity's side of the Creepout 7"

Name: elijah horner
Claim to fame: took 2nd place in a neighborhood hot dog eating competition, 1999 / still tre's favorite dude ever
Website: www.myspace.com/killingthedream

1. always sunny 'birds of war' theme song
2. dr. heinz doofenshmirtz
3. hambone johnson in da house
4. ruiner 'hell is empty'
5. skyzoo 'the salvation'
6. edward harris, jr. middle school colts
7. tyreke evans
8. burger king milkshake breakfast
9. rocky votolato house show tour
10. ktd/carrier europe tour- bloodbath & fourthrust manor
2010 top ten preview
- DJ's demon seed entering the world
- 'with the first pick in the 2010 nba draft, the sacramento kings select john wall...'


01. CockSParrer LIVE in San Francisco, Nov. 13th & 14th!!
02. CockSParrer LIVE in Berlin, February 2009!
03. Pressing 2,000,000 VINYL Records!!!
04. Releasing records for CockSParrer, 4Skins, UK Subs, The Last Resort, and the Oppressed
05. Becoming BICONTINENTAL with Pirates Press Europe Opening
06. Taking 69 Punks & Skins to Alcatraz!
07. Starting to make SHAPED RECORDS & PICTURE DISCS!
08. Smalltown / Detournement / Off With Their Heads in SF, Nov 10th!!
09. Being able to wake up every day and know we're making a difference!!
10. Having the BEST crew (customers and pirates) any captain could ever ask for!

Name:Geoff Rickly
Claim to fame: Thursday, United Nations
Website: www.Thursday.net www.unitedfuckingnations.com

01. Converge- Axe to Fall(for real)
02. Fever Ray
03. Flaming Lips- Embryonic
04. Fucked Up- year of the rat
05. Phoenix- wolfgang amadeus Phoenix
06. Midnight Masses- Rapture Ready EP
07. Clint Mansell- Moon Soundtrack
08. Cursive- Mama, I'm swollen
09. Monsters of Folk
10. Touché Amore- ... To the beat of a Dead Horse

Name: J. Bannon
Claim to fame: Converge, Deathwish, Making Artwork, etc.

Karma (still).
Loved ones.
Friends of.
Making art.
Making music.
Releasing both.
Sityodtong Northshore.
Brett, Jeff, Alma, and Austin at Epitaph.
Everything and everybody at Deathwish/Malfunction.
Traveling the world with some amazing people.
Coming back home.

New Years Resolution: Improve everything.

Music that I dug in 2009: Magnolia Electric Co., Jason Molina and Will Johnson, Doomriders, Lewd Acts, Rise And Fall, Blacklisted, Krallice, Jesu, Never Healed, New Lows, Funeral Mist, Kylesa, The Dead Weather, Mastodon, and more

Name: Jake Spek
Claim to fame: Lewd bass

01. Euro trippin'
02. Long car rides
04. God City recordings
05. Goth music
06. Anarchism
07. The Pixies
08. Things working out how I want them to
09. 21
10. Vegan black bean soup w/ Tofurky

Name: Jeremy Bolm
Claim to fame: Touche Amore
Website: [www.toucheamore.com]

01. Meeting Bill Murray
02. The 103 shows we played this year and the friends we made along the way.
03. The State being released on DVD
04. Getting to play with 3 bands that changed my life (Far, Thursday, Converge)
05. 6131 Records
06. Dante's Pizza in Portland Oregon
07. Taking a year off from work (thanks unemployment!)
08. P.O.S. - Never Better
09. Manchester Orchestra - Mean Everything To Nothing
10. Inglorious Basterds

Name: Jim Grimes
Claim to fame: Burning Fight show/ Never did a record label.
Website: Hockeyfights.com

01. Obituary-Darkest Day
02. Converge-Axe to Fall
03. Kreator-Hordes of Chaos
04. Passion Pit-Manners
05. Them Crooked Vultures
06. Skrewdriver-The Singles Collection
07. Doomriders-Darkness Comes Alive
08. The Killer-Not Everyone Who is Lost
09. Stone Roses-S/T Legacy Edition
10. Iron Age-The Sleeping Eye

01.Hope Con-True Nihilist
02.Harm's Way s/t
05.Coliseum-True Quiet
06.Naysayer-No Remorse
08.Thought Crusade-It's Our War
09.Mindset-Real Power
10.Agnostic Front-United Blood Reissue

01. Inglourious Bastards
02. Up
03. Tyson
04. Anvil! The Story of Anvil
05. Zombieland
06. Moon
07. District 9
08. The Fantastic Mr. Fox
09. Funny People
10. Watchmen

Honorable Mentions:
Sherlock Holmes
Sunshine Cleaning

Live Gigs
01. Burning Fight, The Metro, Chicago, IL
02. Cro-Mags/Death Threat/Merauder/The Killer/Left Hand Path/Convicted, Subterranean, Chicago, IL
03. Unbroken/Undertow/Strain/Converge, El Corazon, Seattle, WA
04. Fall Out Boy, PBS Sound Stage, Chicago, IL
05. Converge/Hope Con/Indecision/Wait In Vain, Subterranean, Chicago, IL
06. Artic Monkeys, The Metro, Chicago, IL
07. Mindset/Thought Crusade/Give, Some Crap Basement, Chicago, IL
08. Carcass, The Pearl Room, Mokena, IL
09. The Jesus Lizard, The Metro, Chicago, IL
10. The Killer/Harm's Way Record release show, The Beat Kitchen, Chicago, IL

Name: Jodie Cox
Claim to fame:
Website: www.myspace.com/narrows

01. Finally watching The West Wing
02. Sleep reunion at ATP in UK
03. Primavera Sound fest in Barcelona
04. Hitting the US east coast for the first time,seeing NYC and touring with Trap Them and Cave In
05. MOON movie and soundtrack
06. Gary Napper...amazing dude
07. Getting to see Harkonen on NYE
08. Family Cox
09. Lil' Barker
10. Obits

Name: Joe Hardcore
Claim to fame: Hardcore Super- Hero or Villain- You Decide.
Website: www.thisishardcorefest.com

01. THIS IS HARDCORE FEST 09 - 3 sold out days in a row.
02. Blacklisted ruining everyone's idea of what HC is supposed to be.
03. Pulling Teeth covered multiple Ink and Dagger songs at TIH
04. Have Heart .. RIP - One of the best live bands of the last few years..
05. FLOORPUNCH IN 09. Seriously bringing straight up hardcore back.
06. Non core - My 12 year old daughter living with me full time.
07. Non core- True Blood
08. Someone making those sweet ass Turning Point bootleg shirts.
09. Non core- My Van that serves as the part time Blacklisted mobile
10. Punishment playing 2 shows in 2009

Name: Jonas F.
Claim to fame: ™ and other things
Website: www.myspace.com/hopecon

No particular order, duh.
01. Ian Brown - My Way
02. Converge - Fall Tour 2k9, 60 days of carnage and farts.
03. Tegan and Sara - Sainthood
04. Antichrist and The Road (OUCH!)
05. Burritos vs. Pizza? Question of the century???
06. Glasvegas - Live and S/T
07. Noel and Liam Gallagher in every way
08. Raekwon the Chef!
10. Torche and Dre

Name: Kellie Quarton
Claim to fame: loud, high-pitched voice (in life, not in a band)
Website: deathwishinc.com/promotown

01. Lula's Apothecary - 516 East 6th Street NY NY
02. NERF wars
03. The Separation | No Exit (Glory Kid)
04. August 2 2009
05. Field's Museum, Chicago
06. Jimmy Eat World 'Clarity' Tour
07. Converge, Genghis Tron, Ceremony, Coliseum, Rise and Fall, Pulling Teeth in Brooklyn
08. EMP, Seattle
09. west Texas
10. graduating

Name: Kimberly Yount
Claim to fame: Kimpossible
Website: [moviescantwatchthemselves.blogspot.com]

01. Cro-Mags in a glorified living room
02. 2 week east coast trip
03. Cock Sparrer weekend
04. broomball & all things associated with a good group of friends.
05. all things Blacklisted - especially Avery Naoma.
06. Taken, Inglorious Basterds, The Hangover , UP & Zombieland were the best movies of the year.
07. Shook Ones - The Unquoteable A.M.H.
08. Some of my close friends got married this year, very happy for them.
09. Mother of Mercy - III
10. Jay-Z - The Blueprint 3 / Tegan and Sara - sainthood

Name: Klint Kanopka
Claim to fame: Reign Supreme's bass gear aficionado and known man of letters.
Website: [twitter.com]

01. Everything about going to Japan (except their atrocious food). You'd think a country so advanced would eat a little more civilized.
02. Foundation - Hang Your Head - My favorite straight edge record of recent memory.
03. The Royal Tavern Tempeh Club - My current favorite sandwich.
04. Going to see the Cro Mags two days in a row. Playing the second show was almost as satisfying as getting picked up to go to Mass by a friend who had one hour of sleep and four staples in his head from the night before.
05. Coming to the conclusions that for as progressive as people seem to think Europeans are, they still all smoke indoors like the cavemen.
06. Embracing the potent combination of Google Voice and a burner phone to take my prank calls to the next level.
07. Give - s/t - for all the attention Supertouch got in the early 2000s, it's nice to see a band finally execute their sound with a hearty dollop of Swiz on top.
08. Edge Day - The last Have Heart show, Foundation, all the newer Boston edge bands and Sweet Pete singing some In My Eyes tunes? Probably the best spent birthday in years.
09. Daiya cheese. I've hated vegan cheese for years, but this stuff really blew my mind. It's melty, stretchy, doesn't taste like sour salt, and makes your farts really stink. Truly innovative stuff.
10. Quitting my shitty job and finally becoming a high school teacher. Maybe one day I can give your kids an F in physics so they don't get that scholarship.

Name: Marco Walzel
Claim to fame: Avocado Booking
Website: www.sanefighting.de

01. It is a beautiful beautiful life...
02. Crippled Black Phoenix "200 Tons Of Bad Luck”
03. Ghost Brigade “Isolation Songs”
04. Converge “Axe To Fall”
05. Rise And Fall “Our Cyle Is Vicious”
06. Blacklisted “No One Deserves To Be Here More Than Me”
07. Biffy Clyro “Only Revolutions”
08. Insomnium “Across The Dark”
09. Solstafir “Köld”
10. Devils Blood “The Time Of No Time Evermore

Name: Martin Kirby
Claim to fame: Carpathian
Website: myspace.com/carpathian - routinebitinghard.wordpress.com

01. Our Apartment Is Always Empty
02. Bones the dog
03. South East Asia / Europe Tour.
04. Old friends and new friends getting to Australia... Shout - D Wood, Jared C, Friend Vogel, Rise and Fall.
05. Shit to say - 'Shoist' 'Become the fuse!' 'Soldier On'
06. New camera - Bronica ETRS-i
07. Converted warehouse in the city of Melbourne, building a studio.
08. Holden Panelvan
09. Life 2.0
10. Being single still sucks.

Name: Matt Miller
Claim to fame: taker of fancy photographs
Website: [www.thefivemilegrace.com]

1. tegan and sara - "sainthood"
2. foundation - "hang your head"
3. all bands live at the burning fight shows.
4. avett brothers - "i and love and you"
5. propagandhi - "supporting caste"
6. hope conspiracy - "true nihilist"
7. soul control – "cycles"
8. bane - "all the new stuff!"
9. dead prez - "pulse of the people: turn off your radio vol. 3"
10. blacklisted "no one deserves to be here more than me"

Name: Merrick
Claim to fame: Office closest to the Men's bathroom on 59 Park St. It's a

02.Leonard Cohen Live
03.Ethan Norton
04.Matthew Gordner
05.Flying Lotus Live
06.Feeling politically hopeless.
07.Mike Delehanty
08.All my new friends- Title Fight, Lancaster, PA, Jeremy Bolm, Fireworks,
Chris Bruni, too many to name.
09.Curb Your Enthusiasm - Season 7
10.Regina Curran
New records: Fever Ray - Fever Ray/Bill Callahan - Sometimes I Wish I Were
an Eagle/ Converge - Axe to Fall/Doomriders - Darkness Come Alive/Krallice
- Dimensional Bleedthrough/Coalesce - OX&OXEP/City Of Ships - Look What God
Did To Us/Leonard Cohen - Live In London...forget this...too many to

Name: m0nster
Claim to fame: 108/Converge roadie and heir to the Fruit Stripe Gum fortune
Website: www.twitter.com/m0nster_one

01. Blacklisted - 'No One Deserves To Be Here More Than Me' LP - easily my favorite record in years. thank you for shattering the mold and making hardcore interesting again.
02. 108 - a month-long spring tour and a mind-blowing recording session with a band and individuals who continue to amaze and inspire me in ways i never thought possible.
03. Converge Tours - 3 straight months in the US, Canada and Japan with one of the hardest working bands in the world and some of the nicest and most interesting guys i've ever met.
04. Tyson: the Mike Tyson documentary - a complex portrait of an even more complex man. i broke down in tears when Iron Mike recounted the death of Cus D'Amato. must see.
05. Lewd Acts performance at the Trial reunion in Seattle - a ferocious reminder that punk can still be dangerous, confrontational and unpredictable.
06. AVN Award nominations - getting nominated at the Oscars of Porn for 'Best Non-Sex Actor' and 'Best Comedy' for a script that i wrote. fuck the trophies, i'll just take a check.
07. Inglourious Basterds - Nazis. extreme violence. Nazis. Brad Pitt. Nazis. intense dialogue. Nazis. best movie of 2009.
08. Drank Relaxation Beverage - if grape soda and prescription cough syrup had a baby, it would be Drank. and when it was of legal age, i would marry it.
09. Mastodon and High on Fire - live and as human beings. i miss you, my friends.
10. Jersey Shore - is it real? is it fake? i don't care either way. i'm obsessed. mad fist pumps, bro.

other awesome stuff: my beagle, Grace. Coke Slurpees. Dexter. nightly grappling sessions with Bannon. Rise and Fall. Sons of Anarchy. Breaking my hand and getting beat up by a cop at a stripclub in Providence, RI. the Deathwish Holiday Party. Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga. Matt Pike and i forcing Andy Rice to get an orange spray-tan. Spike's Veggie Dogs.

Name: Nicole Hollis-Vitale
Claim to Fame: The Deathwish Podcasts
Website: [twitter.com]

In no particular order...
01. The Deathwish Holiday Party 2009 starring my best friends and family
02. Doomriders "Darkness Come Alive"
03. Mayer Hawthorne "A Strange Arrangement"
04. The Dream "Love vs. Money"
05. Bat For Lashes "Two Suns"
06. Dan Auerbach "s/t"
07. All of the music that George Hirsch told me to listen to
08. Title Fight
09. Sound and Fury/United Blood/This is Hardcore/SXSW and the GAHF were fun
10. Making decisions that will change my life, make me happy and make me cry
11. Mother of Mercy "III" and the party in LA
12. Trapped Under Ice "Secrets of the World" /Sleepovers

Name: P Boy
Claim to fame: twitter is my official website for being in between websites
Website: [www.twitter.com]

1. The first baby steps I took in my parents kitchen on Mission Hill after a broken ankle halted regular movement for 8 weeks. Getting arrested and breaking my ankle within 30 hrs would make a worst of list. Shoutout to Brandon "Smokey" for dragging me through the rain barrooms in LES.
2. Mind Eraser in MMR. I thought it was funny. Shoutout to Ghostbusters library and Strawberry Fields. Poor MoJo dead and gone. This is my favorite band of the decade.
3.Maybe Sherman @ Under St Marks/The First Annual Backey Awards in Brockton weekend. These two shows blurred the lines between improv and punk rock for an incredible split second.
4. Rorschach @ The Charleston. When you're in a cramped bar basement and Rorschach is there ready to play with the question "So, what do you wanna hear?" and launch into "Checkmate" when requested, you know you're at the greatest show you'll ever see.
5. Iron Age. The Sleeping Eye. Their set at Sound And Fury. Their set at ICC. Even that set in Brooklyn. There is not a better live band these days.
6. Sound and Fury. Shawn called our set the greatest he's ever played in his life. He's supposed to write a top 10 so I wanna see if he actually puts it in. I agree with him though. Jo Kelly couldn't make it and required 4 fill ins, making him the human equivalent to a bowl of Total. Thank you again Bob, Todd and Riley. With the addition of Pearse. a Taco spot and Bud Light Lime, my bank statement called it "the lime-time bash of the century."
7. Rival Mob at Sound & Fury. I'm glad they finally topped the Stones set at Altamont. But just as with "Under My Thumb" if you play "You Could Be Mine" under festival circumstances, its gonna get sketchy.
8. The 11th annual Del Close Marathon. I was honored to perform at this with Maybe Sherman and was reminded that improv marathons put music fests to shame. Literally non stop improv for over 48 hrs (we went on Sunday at 5:45am) A fantastic and dizzying amount of terrific shows and laughter, which led right into number 9.
9. Dinosaur Jr/The Walkmen in Central Park. Got 3 hrs sleep on Zach Shermans couch after DCM and made it up to Central Park in time to catch The Walkmen with Miles Klee. They've been a favorite band of mine for the last few years and were fantastic live. It was my first time seeing Dinosaur Jr since 1993 when they opened for Alice In Chains which was my first rock concert ever. Excellent set. Great to finally see Lou Barlow playing bass with them.
10. Austin, Arya, Dube, Edson, Eli, Kei, Jarrod and to brand new musical, theatrical and literary projects in 2010. Its gonna be a great year.

Name: Patrick Kitzel
Claim to fame: hardcore kid
Website: www.reaper-records.com

01. Trapped under ice sotw lp
02. United blood Fest
03. Brixton DNA being born
04. Bread and cheese
05. Down to nothing joining reaper
06. Backtrack 7"
07. MP lp
08. Bad leutienant lp
09. My new ford F150 pick up truck
10. Vogel mving to Syracuse

Name:Rob Moran
Claim to fame:Morrissey Crusader

01.Employees of Deathwish Inc.
02.Brett Anderson-Slow Attack
03.Doomriders-Darkness Comes Alive
04.Cold Cave-Love Comes Close
05.Converge-Axe To Fall
06.The Rakes-Klang
07.ON-Double Vision
08.Frankie & The Heartstrings "Fragile" single
09.Eerie Von-Misery Obscura book
10.Burning Fight Chicago

Name: Robert Fish
Claim to fame: 108, Ressurection, The Judas Factor
Website: www.dudesgonewild.com

01. Getting married to the best woman in the world
02. Living with my kids again
03. Moving to Portland, OR
04. Shows across the US with 108
05. NY Yankees World Championship
05. Lewd Acts "Black Eye Blues"
06. Mississippi Pizza with vegan cheese, red peppers and roasted garlic
07. Blacklisted "No One Deserves To Be Here More Than Me"
08. Every Oasis record
09. Converge "Axe To Fall"
10. Knowing our new record will come out when this year is over with

Name: Ryan Mattos
Claim to fame: suspicion and dark murmurs surround me
Website: www.ArcticInk.com

01. AFI - Crash Love
02. Blacklisted - No One Deserves To Be Here More Than Me
03. Converge - Axe To Fall
04. Devotion - Bastard Son Of Affluence Blues
05. Fever Ray - Fever Ray
06. The Hope Conspiracy - True Nihilist
07. Morrissey - Years Of Refusal
08. Nails - Obscene Humanity
09. Nirvana - Bleach Reissue
10. A Place To Bury Strangers - Exploding Head

Name: Scott Brown
Claim to Fame: Former DW Intern, Writer, Law School Student, Cute Dog Owner
Website: [www.punknews.org]

1. The song "Come Alive" by Doomriders
2. Converge - Axe to Fall
3. Baroness - Blue Album
4. Make Do and Mend - Bodies of Water
5. Nails - Obscene Humanity
6. Trapped Under Ice - Secrets of the World
7. The final year of For Real Fest in Athens, OH - May '09
8. The hologram LP cover for Pulling Teeth's Paradise
Illusions/Paranoid Delusions
9. The upcoming top 100 of the 2000s list on Punknews.org
10. Being half-way done with law school.

Name: Scott Deathsquad
Claim to fame: Deathsquad
Website: www.peopleofwalmart.com

01. New Job
02. Verse weekend
03. Blacklisted "No One Deserves To Be Here More Than Me"
04. Converge "Axe to fall"
05. Tigers Jaw "Spirit Desire"
06. Dead Swans "Sleepwalkers"
07. Soul Control "Cycles"
08. Title Fight "The Last Thing You Forget"
09. Foundation "Hang Your Head"
10. I AM X "Kingdom of Welcome Addiction" *Nora's pick*

Name: Stephen LaCour
Claim to fame: dipshit / Trap Them bassist / long suffering Miami Dolphins fan
Website: trapthem.net / pornotube.com

01. Moving back to NYC, one of my favorite places in the world.
02. MDF 2009, seeing (and playing right before) FUCKING BOLT THROWER, consequently making jake jealous.
03. Making horrible decisions on tour, like screaming at 3 am for Chops to throw me through a liquor store window so we can get all the booze our idiot hearts desire.
04. The Undertow/Unbroken/Converge show at El Corazon, Seattle.
05. The 2 weeks I spent with Trash Talk in Portland that included NXNW and seeing CROM.
06. The long list of awesome records that came out this year (Marduk, Converge, Lewd Acts. R&F, Blacklisted, Necrophobic, Saviours, Gorgoroth, Fight Amp, Napalm Death, Raekwon, Lily Allen, Immortal, Skeletonwitch)
07. Being the last person to discover "Trailer Park Boys" and losing a lot of my free time.
08. Eating anything at the Triple Rock.
09. Anytime I get to hang out with Phil from Toxic Holocaust
10. Anytime I can make Andy Rice miserable

Name: Sean Ingram
Claim to fame: Coalesce, Blue Collar Distro
Website: www.crashandbang.com , www.bluecollardistro.com

1. Mystery Science theater 3000 reruns
2. Hackintosh Netbooks
3. Fixed gear biking (yeah, I'm one of "those" guys)
4. Dexter. what an ending!!!
5. Disposable: the skateboard bible (get this book now)
6. Android OS
7. Cinematic Titanic
8. Star Trek reboot
9. Coraline *the claymation movie

Name: Shawn Foley
Claim to fame: Drums/Blacklisted
Website: www.myspace.com/blacklisted

01. Them Crooked Vultures
02. Inglorious Basterds
03. Sons Of Anarchy season 2- wow!
04. Pearl Jam- Backspacer
05. Will Yip and Phil Nicolo at Studio 4
06. The Philadelphia Phillies for going to the World Series again!
07. The Return of Allen Iverson to Philly!!
08. Our new album causing Civil War in the HC scene & on the net!
09. Todd Jones & Nails
10. Getting some much needed R&R this year

Name: Tadashi Hamada
Claim to fame: Daymare Recordings, DWJP
Website: www.daymarerecordings.com

01. my daughter
02. everything with Daymare, DWJP and Boris
03. leave them all behind fest., and great dinner with everyone after that
04. DWJP showcase in Tokyo
05. Fuji Rock Fest with THE MELVINS
06. PJ HARVEY / A Woman A Man Walked By
07. ANTONY AND THE JOHNSONS / The Crying Light
08. PAINTBOX / Trip Trance & Traveling
10. Sunshine Ranch

Name: Thomas Hooper
Claim to fame: No Claims.
Website: www.hooperselectric.com

01. Darkness Come Alive, Doomriders Lp
02. Axe To Fall, Converge Lp
03. Moon (film)
04. In The Loop (film)
05. Moon Original Soundtrack by Clint Mansell
06. Friend Ships
07. The Future
08. Ink on Paper
09. Lieca D-lux 4
10. New York City

Name: Toast
Claim to fame: I'm in Ceremony, trick
Website: www.CeremonyHC.com | www.BlackSummer.com/SLI | www.myspace.com/NeverHealedOakland

01. Paint It Black - Amnesia/Surrender
02. Punch - S/T
03. The Raveonettes - In And Out Of Control
04. Sonic Youth - The Eternal
05. Vacant State - State Of Confusion
06. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - It's Blitz!
07. My cats for helping my sanity and normality not slip away at an even rapider rate
08. Souley Vegan
09. The Village
10. tXm

Name: Todd Jones
Claim to fame:

01. Kickback no surrender
02. Tyson documentary
03. Iron age sleeping eye
04. Mammoth grinder extinction
05. Innumerable forms 7" recording
06. New lows at saf
07. Ceremony at saf 2nd set
08. Blacklisted no on deserves to be here
09. Converge axe to fall
10. Fell to low 10"

Name: Todd Pollock
Claim to fame: mosh master
Website: www.toddpollock.com

01. Sunglasses Indoors
02. No new Will Smith movies
03. Skin graft pizza
04. Lightning powered tour vans
05. South of the border
06. Animals with weapons
07. Hot Wheels (Delaware hardcore)
08. Gathering of the Juggalos
09. Weapons swap in lieu of a Yankee swap.
10. Morrisey getting hit with a bottle

Name: Tre McCarthy
Claim to fame: I wear a hat.
Website: this one

All things Deathwish
Tigers Jaw "Spirit Desire"
Touche Amore "…to the beat of a dead horse"
Nails "Obscene Humanity"
Shook Ones "The Unquotable A.M.H"
Underbroken Brocation
Field Roast Italian Grain Meat Sausages
Fountain Coke
Alabama, the dog
New apartment, car, etc. Upgraded Life.

Name: Tru Pray
Claim to fame: ebay seller name is barfight
Website: [twitter.com]

01. jay z blueprint 3
02. cold cave -- love comes close
03. converge -- axe to fall
04. FLOORPUNCH @ sound and fury
05. the hope conspiracy -- latest ep
06. maximum penalty -- life and death
07. muse -- resistance
08. reign supreme -- testing the limits
09. iron age -- the sleeping eye
10. unbroken / undertow reunions aka burning fight book
11. carry on lp reissue on youngblood and react records

runners up
never healed ep
downpresser ep
touche amore lp on 6131
strife and cro mags at liskfest, in control reunion show
chainsaw the bulldog
reaper, 6131, hardpress, Deathwish, B9,six feet under, youngblood, React
etc (support hardcore)

Name: Wesley Eisold
Claim to fame: Cold Cave
Website: theheartworm.com

- Louderbach- Autumn(including 'Shine'-single of the year, Minus)
- Antony and the Johnsons- The Crying Light(Secretly Canadian)
- AA- Essential Entertainment (Reissue, Softspot)
- Yellow Tears- Live
- Love Sex Fear Death- The Inside Story of the Process Church book(Feral House)
- Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions- Live
- Godard's Made in U.S.A. (Reissue, Criterion)
- Floating Di Morel- 'More Memory Than Now' and 'Takna, Pakna, G(k)ram...' being available digitally. (Play Loud!)
- Jim Carroll
- Heartworm 37- Music/Reading event with NON, Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Prurient, Jonathan Shaw, Jamie Stewart, Kid Congo Powers, Chris Leo, and Eric Paul.
- Rob Moran/Boyd Rice conversing on the lows and highs of San Diego Mexican Food and great things to write on backstage walls, at the Casbah, 12-5-09

Edited 2 time(s). Last edit at 01/11/2010 04:52PM by Tre.
Re: The DEATHWISH "Best Of 2009" list!
January 04, 2010 03:15PM
these are always great to read
Re: The DEATHWISH "Best Of 2009" list!
January 04, 2010 03:18PM
This year's list was great, lots of good dudes/gals on there.

Re: The DEATHWISH "Best Of 2009" list!
January 04, 2010 03:21PM
Always great as expected.

thumbs up


"Buying records is not a revolution..."
Re: The DEATHWISH "Best Of 2009" list!
January 04, 2010 05:35PM

- phoenix.
Re: The DEATHWISH "Best Of 2009" list!
January 04, 2010 05:50PM
Re: The DEATHWISH "Best Of 2009" list!
January 04, 2010 06:01PM
Field Roast grain sausages are the greatest fucking things on earth! There's got to be catch, nothing that good comes without negative consequences.
Re: The DEATHWISH "Best Of 2009" list!
January 04, 2010 06:03PM
Slick_Mcfavorite Wrote:
> Field Roast grain sausages are the greatest
> fucking things on earth! There's got to be catch,
> nothing that good comes without negative
> consequences.

They cost $6 per pack

Re: The DEATHWISH "Best Of 2009" list!
January 04, 2010 07:55PM
Nice to see the Ghost Brigade record pop out here on Marco Avocados list.
Re: The DEATHWISH "Best Of 2009" list!
January 04, 2010 08:11PM
getting on the deathwish best of list is on my bucket list. i always enjoy reading these.

viva deathtalk 2004-2007

be excellent to each other.
Re: The DEATHWISH "Best Of 2009" list!
January 04, 2010 09:50PM
so i'm gonna do a list. '09 was a great year.

In no particular order:

Touche Amore house show
Trap Them (twice in one year, so intense live)
Moved into my first house
Started my first label. (first release in early 2010)
Found a cute girl i won't get sick of who won't get sick of me.

memphis life ain't so bad. But we would always appreciate a Converge show. (*a nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat)
Re: The DEATHWISH "Best Of 2009" list!
January 05, 2010 12:14AM
you live in memphis?
Re: The DEATHWISH "Best Of 2009" list!
January 05, 2010 08:12AM
Holy shit! That pic Tre!!!! I love reading all of these...

Re: The DEATHWISH "Best Of 2009" list!
January 05, 2010 12:34PM
P-Boy is a wordsmith.
Re: The DEATHWISH "Best Of 2009" list!
January 05, 2010 03:45PM

Name: Matt Pike
Claim To Fame: Not in High On Fire
Website: [www.pearljam.com]

01. Converge put out Axe to Fall
02. Pearl Jam put out Backspacer
03. Promoted to Blue Belt @ NSBJJ
04. Between the Buried and Me put out the Great Misdirect
05. Morrissey put out Years of Refusal
06. Got to see The Pixies finally
07. Doomriders put out Darkness Comes Alive
08. Mike Egan did some pretty cool painting that I bought as did Shepard Fairey
09. the UFC put on some great fight cards and i watched them all
10. Frank Turner played at my house and it ruled
11. 2009 ended

Alex Russin
Claim to fame: Cold World. Gypsy. Wilkes-Barre Hardcore. (and post hardcore).
website: www.ceremonyhc.com

10. I only feel like
9. doing eight.
8. I can't even watch this one.
7. kicked in the head
6. Small. Head. Timmy. Shane Moran has this memorized.
4. I hope you got one of these for Christmas
3. I got the popcorn, I know what size you like.
2. Title Fight live basement show.. Kind of.
1. Well Obviously this video.

Name: POI
Claim to fame: RIH
Website: www.manchester-mma.com

1. My dog, Big Ron
2. FCUM, still fucking here
3. Horders demo
4. Love Is The Only Weapon...Let The Night Roar
5. MUFC Premier League Champions 08/09
6. Red Riding TV Trilogy
7. Synthetic Adidas Training PT
8. Thou UK tour
9. Marshall 2203KK
10. DVH, forever indebted

Re: The DEATHWISH "Best Of 2009" list!
January 05, 2010 06:14PM
haha, i was told tegan and sara got play in the converge van and couldnt believe it, but i guess i now do. good work jonah.

and not a single person praising the return of the mighty cave in? tsk tsk
Re: The DEATHWISH "Best Of 2009" list!
January 05, 2010 11:34PM
thank you so much Jake I don't know why I've never heard of anything that Will Johnson's worked on but I'm glad you mentioned it
Re: The DEATHWISH "Best Of 2009" list!
January 05, 2010 11:59PM
jimmie Wrote:
> you live in memphis?

yes i do, sir. do you?
Re: The DEATHWISH "Best Of 2009" list!
January 06, 2010 10:02AM
This is one of my favorite parts when a year comes to an end. Always a fun read.
Re: The DEATHWISH "Best Of 2009" list!
January 07, 2010 05:58PM
smogfather Wrote:
> jimmie Wrote:
> --------------------------------------------------
> -----
> > you live in memphis?
> yes i do, sir. do you?

tech i live in jonesboro , but i was born in memphis , i still consider it my home , been going to shows there since i was 14 , i love it , in all its disgusting sketchy glory
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