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SFU webstore NEW YEARS SALE! Limited Time Only
January 02, 2010 01:23PM
1-1-2010 The Odyssey Continues..


Happy New Year from everyone here at SFU (both of us).
For a limited time we have a sale going in the webstore. Almost every SFU release has had its price lowered. As low $1 on select 7"s and $3 on select LPs. Select shirts have been lowered as low as $5. Go poke around in the store and get some deals! This wont last very long.



SFU037 - BLACKLISTED - "Eccentrichine" 7"

This brand new 4 song ep was recorded at the end of summer in Studio 4 (the same studio as the new LP). It features two exclusive new songs, "STONES THROW" and "ECCENTRICHINE", which fall somewhere in the Swans/Dinosaur Jr/Lemonheads realm. Also there is a new version of "THE P.I.G." featuring full instrumentation (its acoustic on the new album), and an acoustic recording of "WISH". All copies come with digital downloads. There will be 3 colors of vinyl available while they last.


Two shirts are also available




Broken Patterns is back with the 2nd 7" for SFU. This is another 4 track ripper of punk/hardcore in the late 70s/early 80s So Cal vein. The covers are all 3 panel silkscreened prints by Paul D'Elia (Screenin4AChange). Comes with a digital download.


SFU033 - PEGASUS - S/T 7" *2nd PRESS*

If you didnt pick it up the first time around heres another chance. 3 songs that sound eerily like Leeway but harder. Features members of Cold World, Mind Eraser, Rzl Dzl and War Hungry. This time it comes with a digital download and a printed cover. Theres 3 colors available while it lasts.

A Pegasus shirt was just added to the store as well.


My good friend and tattoo artist JASON GOLDBERG of Olde City Tattoo in Philadelphia recently had a gallery showing. Jason also did the cover art for TRASH TALK "Walking Disease" and LET DOWN "Sacrifice Me". He made limited edition Giclee prints of both of these pieces for sale at the gallery. Once the show was over he had a few left over so im selling them for him. Both are printed on thick high quality paper and are signed and numbered out of 13.

Sacrifice - [www.sixfeetunderrecords.com]
Walking Disease - [www.sixfeetunderrecords.com]


SFU039 - FLOORPUNCH - "New Jersey" 2x12" Discography. We are very happy to announce this double 12" of all of Floorpunch's recorded material. More info on this will be coming soon.
SFU040 - NAILS - Unsilent Death LP. Nails just got done recording for their new LP. Recorded at Godcity by Kurt Ballou. We just heard the final recording and this is most likely the record of the year. Stay tuned!
SFU041 - THE RIVAL MOB - "Hardcore For Hardcore" 7". Recording is halfway done on The new Rival Mob 7"
SFU042 - THE MONGOLOIDS - "New Beginnings" 7". The Mongoloids will be entering the studio soon to record a new 7" for us.
SFU043 - MOTHER OF MERCY - "Collapse" 12". Coming early next year, this 12" will have both of their out of print 7"s on it.
SFU044 - TRUE COLORS - "Consider It Done" 7". The final True Colors record is coming out in March just in time for their US tour.
The SFU comp is taking shape and so far the following bands have confirmed appearances - War Hungry - The Mongoloids - Nails - Gypsy - Disengage - Mother Of Mercy - True Colors - Bracewar - Ceremony - As We Let Go - Rhythm To The Madness - Blkout. More bands are being added.
We will be doing a round of fund raising auctions early next year on Ebay with almost every SFU release being sold so keep your eyes out for that. The money will go to funding upcoming records.

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