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Happy New Year
December 31, 2009 03:26PM
I hope 2010 treats everyone well.

- clint
Re: Happy New Year
December 31, 2009 07:27PM

2009 was kinda rough for my family and I. A lot of issues left and right. Personally I will say that 2009 sucked big time.

I am going to be hopeful for 2010. I wish all my fellow Deathtalkers and Deathwishers the best and I look forward to what 2010 will bring music-wise and all 'round here these parts.

Be good to each others...that's where it starts.

In the words of Stan "The Man" Lee..."Excelsior!"


"Buying records is not a revolution..."
Re: Happy New Year
January 01, 2010 12:38AM
Attn.: 2009, Go fuck yourself, you were the worst year EVER. Good fucking Riddance.

Attn.: 2010, Take it easy on us, eh?

Happy new year everyone. I hope its good to you all.
Re: Happy New Year
January 01, 2010 04:25AM
so excited for Fallout New Vegas
Re: Happy New Year
January 01, 2010 07:35AM
too many people died in 2009. this year/decade will hopefully be more posi.

- alex
Re: Happy New Year
January 01, 2010 03:10PM
Have a happy and healthy new year.
Re: Happy New Year
January 01, 2010 03:24PM

after reading juans' post, I got to thinking of how awful 2k9 was on a lot of levels.

CONS: - last year I had my gf of 2 years cheat/leave me, lost my job @ my old group home, had some legal troubles, was broke, dad almost died twice, some friends moved away from me, saw many friends family members pass away.

PROS: - good music, made some new friends, EVENTUALLY found another mental health job, worked out a lot, CODmw2 came out, made some great purchases, helping out (as actively as I can) w/ promoting records and bands (I miss the days of my youth now), been working out steadily for almost 5 months, made it to 30 and didnt die smiling smiley


CONS: - got a speeding ticket 100 yards from my exit (I learned a lesson), quitting smoking (only 2 today and I got up at 1043 am)

PROS: - quitting smoking (see, it goes in both pro and con, quitting is awesome but the process is awful), might have met someone last night, more good music coming out, continuing to help and push records and bands, still working out, saving some more money, and apparently I'm "charming".

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Re: Happy New Year
January 01, 2010 05:02PM
Captain's Log January 1st, 2010

2010 will surely bring more trying times that will test my ability to see a positive outlook. (but it cant be worse than last year)

We are fucked.

Re: Happy New Year
January 01, 2010 10:34PM
Heres to another new year with the same old shit.

Happy new year everyone.
Re: Happy New Year
January 02, 2010 04:41AM
where's the deathwish top ten lists!? my favorite part of the new year!
Re: Happy New Year
January 02, 2010 11:12PM
more 30 rock in 2010
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