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ABCs of Death
October 30, 2013 03:34AM
Hey guys, I'm not sure who's familiar, but last year there was an anthology horror film called ABCs of Death comprised of 26 short films, each revolving around a letter of the alphabet. They're doing another one this year, and there's a contest for the 26th director (for the letter M). Twelve finalists are selected, the six highest voted and six judge's choices, the winner is picked from those twelve by the other 25 directors.

My entry is called M is for Maleficium. Please check it out, it's only three minutes long and I'd love to hear your feedback.


If you dig it, please hit the "like" button above the video and share it on your Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr/AOL chatroom/what have you. Thanks for your time!

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Re: ABCs of Death
November 04, 2013 03:50PM
passed this on to my lady, she writes a horror blog (mostly vincent price stuff though), she enjoyed it, so maybe a write up will happen soon in it.
Re: ABCs of Death
November 04, 2013 11:25PM
Thanks so much, man. That's awesome.
Re: ABCs of Death
November 04, 2013 11:27PM
We also just launched a Kickstarter for our short horror film starring Tim De Zarn (Mordecai in Cabin in the Woods).

If you have a minute, please check it out: [www.kickstarter.com]
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