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Straight & Alert webstore - New records
October 26, 2013 05:11AM
Some of the records we will recieve soon are available for preorder here [www.straightandalert.com]

The Rival Mob - Raw Life
True Colors - Focus On The Light
Doomriders - Grand Blood
Birds In Row - Collected
All Pigs Must Die - Nothing Violates This Nature
Modern Life Is War - Fever Hunting
Twitching Tongues - In Love There Is No Law
Warzone - The Sound Of Revolution
World Collapse - Deutschland, Deutschland! Into The Night
Touché Amoré - Is Survived By
At The Drive In - Relationship Of Command [2ble LP]
Death Threat / Rude Awakening - Split
DOA - War On 45
Focused Mind - The Fact Remains
Offspring - Ignition
Refused - Everlasting
Saves The Day - ST
Shelter - Perfection Of Desire
Sinking Ships - Disconnecting
Suburban Scum - Internal War
Supertouch - The Earth Is Flat
Take Offense - United States Of Mind
Take Offense - Tables Will Turn
The Get Up Kids - Eudora [2ble LP]
OathBreaker - Eros|Anteros
Hounds Of Hate - ST
Black Breath - Sentenced To Life
Botch - We Are The Romans[2ble LP]
Code Orange Kids - Love Is Love // Return To Dust
Cold World - Dedicated To Babies Who Came Feet First
Converge - All We Love We Leave Behind [2ble LP]
Converge - No Heroes
Get The Most - ST
Get The Most - Together
American Nightmare - 4 Song Demo
Government Warning - No Moderation
Harm Wülf - There's Honey In The Soil So We Wait For The Till
Loma Prieta - I.V.
Mindset - EP Collection
Mindset - Leave No Doubt
Modern Life Is War - My Love. My Way.
Modern Life Is War - Witness
Oathbreaker - Maelstrom
ON - Double Vision
Pulling Teeth - Paranoid Delusions | Paradise Illusions
Punch - Self Titled
Self Defense Family - The Corrections Officer In Me
Tigers Jaw - Belongs To The Dead
Touché Amoré - Parting The Sea Between Brightness and Me
Touché Amoré - …to the beat of a dead horse
7 Seconds - The Crew
Backtrack - Darker Half
Judge - What it Meant: The Complete Discography [2ble LP]
Gorilla Biscuits - Start Today
Twitching Tongues - Sleep Therapy
Trapped Under Ice - Big Kiss Goodnight
V.A – Flex Your Head - Compilation

Cruel Hand - Born Into Debts, We All Owe A Death
V.A – Only The Strong - Compilation
7 Seconds - Blasts From The Pasts
7 Second - Committed For Life
7 Seconds - Skins, Brains, & Guts
Coke Bust - Degradation
Cold Cave - Oceans With No End
Ringworm - 1991 Demo
Madball - Rebelion
No Tolerance - No Remorse, No Tolerance
Red Dons - Notes On The Underground
Self Defense Family - You Are Beneath Her
Shook Ones / Death Is Not Glamorous - Split
Sectarian Violence - ST
Agnostic Front United Blood
Backtrack - The '08 Demo
Caught In A Crowd - You've Lost
Cause For Alarm - ST
Disgrace / Harness - Split
Done Dying - Shelf Life
Enough - Discontent
Inside Out - No Spiritual Surrender
Tigers Jaw - Spirit Desire
Trapped Under Ice - Stay Cold
Turnstile - Step 2 Rhythm
Touche Amore / La Dispute - Searching For A Pulse/The Worth Of The World (Split)
Up Front - What Fire Does
World Collapse - Frost / Casket


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