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BETTER TIMES if not us 7 inch now available in Deathwish Store
October 06, 2013 06:45PM

BETTER TIMES if not us 7 inch NOW AVAILABLE in Deathwish store!!!!

Pick it up here from Deathwish [deathwishinc.com]

Buffalo, NY band Better Times started late 2010, when members of Our Times, No Love Lost, and Impact teamed up to form a new straight edge band. Better Times, musically influenced by bands like INSTED, FLOORPUNCH, GORILLA BISCUITS, and YOUTH OF TODAY, plays energetic, mid-tempo to fast youthcrew hardcore. Lyrically, the band celebrates their local scene and stresses the importance of being positive, having a critical mind, and doing something worthwhile with your life. This record has 7 full, fast, hard hitting, youth crew jams xxx. 7" includes digital download

Give it a listen on our bandcamp www.stateofmindrecordings.bandcamp.com
Follow us on facebook [www.facebook.com]
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